hi i guess when i remember to fedi it will be here now as cybrespace is crossin the rainbow bridge

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reading my TL here fills me with joy

very unlike that Other Place

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It's the remix to Twitter, all those devs they be bitter, users rollin in content but ain't no ads up in hither. Gimme that toot toot. Don't gimme that tweet tweet

i am battening down every hatch for the inevitable tide of "it's GNU/Social" jokes :(

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reading a bunch of comments about Mastodon on tech news sites about how it "will never succeed" or will go extinct. Problem is, that defines Mastodon's success in the metrics of Silicon Valley VC. The point of Mastodon does not appear to be a growth -> exit -> brand vehicle strategy that Twitter has been struggling with.

I'm having a good time here. Isn't that success enough?

is it a faux pas to have two of these accounts? i might migrate to this one from quitter.no / keep quitter.no as a backup.

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@vilmibm Aren't we all Hubertus Bigend contractors, we just don't know it yet?

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