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Hey friendos! Ottawa Processing Day 2019 is over, which means my talk is done, which means I can experience joy again instead of just anxiety about giving my talk.

@tildetown got called out heavily, and especially @curio (for botany).

Please find attached this image of the Tilde Town Time Service that ran back in November 2017.

It's really more of an artists rendition - as it was created post-facto - but I actually built a working speaker amplifier on breadboard for authenticity reasons.

nobody on their deathbed says: "I wish I'd spent more time staring at Datadog dashboards"

The pi zero running a Gemini server. Am I doing it right?

I figured this is how all at home hosting looks like lol.

_Finally_ -- clearing out a piece of furniture bought at a yard sale. Floppies! I can't remember how long it's been since I last held one in person. Two decades?

(I'm dumping my camera roll on you all). Bought a Polaroid camera, it had a film pack installed, with 7 exposures left. So, obviously, I took 7 pictures of my ugly kitchen. Light leaks and expired chemicals makes them kind of unusual.

This broken phone in the vestibule outside a restaurant made me nostalgic.

My little computer is coming on well. My youngest has designed brackets for 3.5" HDDs to fit in, I'm printing some cable tidying stuff from the back -- just need to make up a power cable (12v to 5.5/2.5mm barrel) and this project will be nearly done!

This is the kind of thing that makes having a 3D printer worthwhile. I need a doohicky to connect one thing to another and I can make it.

This is just a U shape with three holes and a 1/4-20 tripod nut -- but it also only took like 30m from idea to physical item.

It's not just pleasant on the small Internet because of people writing in a personal and personable style -- the clients are so nice and light! I can flit around Gemini and Gopher with Amfora (paired with Agena).

Meanwhile, the input box I am typing this toot into is lagging behind my typing, despite the fact I have an beefy Core i7 in this computer. :shrugfire:

@kensanata "and when you're no longer ten, it's hard to change" 😢 ❤️

Fighting the "It all has already been done!"-feeling by screaming into the void: "But not by meeee!"

If Karl Marx were alive today he’d probably think “holy shit I’m 202 years old wtf”.

if i were the market, i would simply solve all problems, perfectly, with an invisible hand

I prefer reading on paper and I was glad to find out that Lulu still prints “Introduction to OS Abstractions Using Plan 9 from Bell Labs”

Man it's been a weird day.

I even spent an hour or two emulating a System 7 and System 8 Macintosh. Cobbled together a terminal-only Pi set up to run on batteries. Used Kristall on Haiku to read Gemini posts. Now I'm back looking at Plan 9.

I blame it all on you: fediverse bad influences.

Just tried the bbs (`nc 999`) and it's kind of small and pleasant ❤️ (I mean, it's no `bbj` -- but its minimal source is interesting too -- )

Here comes a new BBS:

telnet 999

Running 9bbs on 9front, come say hi!

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