Surprise upgrade to 2.7.0 -- -- (well, it wasn't a surprise to me, but it might be to you).

I just got a tutorial screen which was ... nice I guess?

I mean, technically it _was_ posted to Mastodon today, I guess.

This scan of a newsletter is from 1971 but it could just as easily have been posted to Mastodon today.

From on Joan Greenbaum's attempt to unionize computing.



"What's on your mind?"

Me, thinking: Death, legacy, how to live a good life, the pursuit of happiness, what do I want out of life, am I a good person, do I really understand love, am I wasting my time, what am I missing out on, will I ever feel grown up, what does success mean, what have I done with my life, can I survive on my own, would I want to, what if this is my last day, why can't I express myself adequately, does any of it matter, …

Me: "Not much. You?"

I didn't see you not looking when I messed up

I didn't even know this was a thing! -- Beautiful Racket by Matthew Butterick -- I love his writing and have been looking for something to re-ignite my spark (cc @m455b)

Just saw a man in shorts. The moment it goes above zero Ottawans just lose their minds.

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Big Candle has us by the balls. they know how to make an unlimited apple cinnamon candle, but they'd rather keep me on a short fucking leash

damn girl are you socrates? bc it's fun to read about your antics later but i get the impression that trying to have a meaningful conversation with you would be a nightmare

I like that my new Kindle has the white text through grey look that early 90s laptops had. Reminds me of my youf.

that's me in the corner
that's me in the spotlight
that's me in the combination corner/spotlight

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