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My Maplin allen key set was looking worse for wear. I 3D printed new washers and sanded, painted and clear coated the sides to give it a new lease of life. Also ground down a tip which was damaged. If it's not a right angle it's a wrong angle. [Pictures of an allen key multi tool taken apart and then put back together]

Thanks for @audiodude for being quicker than my monitoring! We had an outage on TTW because the disk filled up like _really_ quick. I don't yet know what happened but obviously the monitoring needs to be better. I have a feeling some other user on an instance which is federated here maybe posted like ... a huge amount of media? Not sure yet though. I'm working on it tho!

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happy fathers day if your dad sucks i'm your dad now. i'm so proud of you

Cool, @tildetown was reported for spam. It's kind of hard to disagree though.

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I was surrounded by some old very cool stuff and it was very cool.

I need to blow this conspiracy wide open 😱

BEHANDLA is made of different stuff in different countries! It's beeswax based in Canada, tung oil in the UK and linseed in Australia.

I guess it's just sold as generic "made wood slightly better" sauce.

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tilde town has been aquired by Arbys™

Just renewed the TTW cert, excuse any blip.

I've spent the evening playing with this dude. What else would you call a Canadian power tool that gnaws on wood?

I've just realised, while filling in my immigration paperwork so I can stay in Canada, that all of the process of double checking my height, date of last entry, passport numbers match etc. is basically a game of "Reverse Papers Please".

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@jk I misread that last bit as "they might be segfaults" which sounds like a tmbg cover band that only uses circuit bent equipment

I love that the huge window in the War Museum gallery looks over to the Peace tower.

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And my desk is extra cosy with no computer in the stand, and the super warm LED bulb on low. rn.

Wow this Windows 7 laptop was unusable until I turned off "Microsoft Security Essentials". It just destroys low end machines.

It doesn't matter if you are interested in Kentucky Route Zero or not- why not download "Un Pueblo De Nada" for free and enjoy the theatre-like experience.


It's about 30 minutes of your time and headphones enhance the whole thing.

Just got a GDPR email opening with "Hi Unknown,". I feel a high level of confidence.