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Hey friendos! Ottawa Processing Day 2019 is over, which means my talk is done, which means I can experience joy again instead of just anxiety about giving my talk.

@tildetown got called out heavily, and especially @curio (for botany).

Please find attached this image of the Tilde Town Time Service that ran back in November 2017.

It's really more of an artists rendition - as it was created post-facto - but I actually built a working speaker amplifier on breadboard for authenticity reasons.

a murder of crows, a parliament of owls, a shitload of ducks

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day by filling a truck with snakes and driving

Did you know what a macrohood is? I'm moving to the Algonquin College neighbourhood of the Nepean macrohood next week.

It's fun to look up things from Who's On First.

All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace (2011) -- -- this really has made me think. Not going to just accept everything I hear in a documentary as 100% fact, but "Hmm".

Maybe the way things are is a) actually recent b) man made c) not entirely intentional.

These were added on different days, not sure if I'm in a weird loop or culture is or one or more of us is being manipulated by The Algorithm

I've had to disable Sidekiq altogether while I build a new image with fixes for the Rails CVEs (bumping the Gemfile) -- there isn't enough RAM to process jobs _and_ compile the assets for the new container _and_ allow Redis to persist changes to disk.

Normalish service will resume shortly, sorry fam

1:M 15 Mar 03:50:04.013 * 100 changes in 300 seconds. Saving...
1:M 15 Mar 03:50:04.018 # Can't save in background: fork: Out of memory

It's a real fun time tonight in masto-admin land.

btw today is my birthday 🍰

Deletes on fedi are wild. AFAICS Mastodon tells everyone who you delivered the original toot to "btw this toot is gone" -- and then at least Pleroma tries to get that toot, which results in a 404.

This means our queue gets full trying to deliver "this doesn't exist" notifications, and our web workers get tied up serving 404s.

Distributed systems, eh? :blobpopcorn:

We had over a million entries in our sidekiq queue here on and ... 5 workers popping stuff off.

This has caused a lot of federation delay, and many many of these jobs are duplicates and retries. I nuked the queue and started over. This can lead to some desync between fediverse instances -- I don't really have a good fix for that, but I don't have a lot of confidence we were going to catch up on that queue at any reasonable rate.

This kind of thing is why I think I'll end up on emacs one day -- I believe in personal computing and customizing your environment to your needs. elisp, weirdly, may be one of the most frictionless ways to achieve this (or I haven't written enough elisp yet).

@karlen I was ddg-ing for the phrase "an eternal ice cream cone" and this three entry poetry blog came up and I was heavily reminded of NOWERTB :ms_red_heart:

Solving pointless algorithm questions in Racket/Scheme makes me feel like a fucking wizard, even though the exact same thing, with tail recursion, looks like boring-ass code in Python 😁

I think it's fair to say once I had a Snorlax as my buddy, I had done all I truly want to do in the Pokémon world. Now I just walk with him to get candies and feed his growing appetite.

I picked up Snorlax the last day they were available in August, on a trip to Montreal. My son and wife already had Snorlax, I went out and toured the city to get my stamp every damn day, truly worried I wasn't going to get enough in time (or that the final crate wouldn't include a Snorlax or that I couldn't catch them in the encounter).

@matthewseiji anything that ends with lying down is fine by me reallu

There's a solarpunk collaborative podcast on dat and scuttlebutt!! It's called "The Local Gossip" here's the link for those who have Beaker Browser.


What is Hauntology and Why is it All Around Us?

Recommended viewing for people interested in the aesthetics of , the alternative future of the movement and @tildetown in particular.

Always remember to reject false progress.

I had a nice time on Twitter today and then I came here and scrolled for a bit and what a fucking weird day.

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