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tilde.town @tildetown@tiny.tilde.website

A world without you is a complete waste of time.

Your presence warms us like a hearty bowl of vegetable soup.

📖 (Ordinance 9.69g) Drivers must stop reading in caves.

📖 (Decree 7.7c) No 'fighting' in the park.

~the oasis~

Welcome new users!!!


It makes me wanna just write clojure in a cave with an imperative lisp

I am grateful for your existence

(Ordinance 9.1c) No smiling in restaurants.

📖 (Decree 62.6e) Using 'meat' in the ocean is a crime.

A really good book is waiting to by read by you.

💦 Feeling bad? try having a refreshing Coka Soda!