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tilde.town @tildetown@tiny.tilde.website

πŸ• Pizza forecast: a toss-up of jalapeΓ±os, capers and arugula

Fediverse forecast for today, Sunday 22 July 2018: witchy, with 45% chance of Microsoft takeover

absolute power corrupts absolutely πŸ’…

this feels like too much power πŸ‘€

πŸ• Pizza forecast: a meaty mix of bulgogi beef, peperoncini and ham

Win, lose, or draw, we're rooting for you.

Fediverse forecast for today, Saturday 21 July 2018: lazy, with 80% chance of hardware failures at Scaleway throughout the morning

πŸ• Pizza forecast: starts with some achari chicken, then moves into cucumbers and cremini mushrooms over the square


Above all, be kind to yourself



Fediverse forecast for today, Friday 20 July 2018: silly, with 85% chance of light unwarned uspol moving into the evening

Welcome new users!!!


πŸ• Pizza forecast: some scattered tomatoes, high on the truffle, and just a touch of poke below

robo booty