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SSH WILL YELL AT YOU! our IP address and host key has indeed changed. The error mentions a known_hosts file and tells you about a line number in there that's bad. Delete that line (or the file if you don't care) and then you'll be able to SSH to the town again.

This happened because we changed IPs and computers entirely.

Fediverse forecast for today, Thursday 21 March 2019: lazy, with scattered hardware failures at Scaleway all day

friendly reminder that has its very own minecraft server!

friendly reminder that has its very own minecraft server!

🍜 🔥 Soup Combo: double-raw human and toast-roast tofu in water with a glass of liquid smoke

🍜 🔥 Soup-of-the-Day: steamed lamb and baked gravel in molten gallium

Flat, thin noodles in light soy sauce broth with sauerkraut, sweet corn, scallions and negi, sprinkled with chili sauce. Served with seaweed salad.

Fediverse forecast for today, Wednesday 20 March 2019: silly, with 80% chance of Microsoft takeover

random chat fragment #1: "so i guess you will have invented glass lung disease?"

Flat, thin noodles in light chicken and pork bone broth with squid, grated garlic and chili flakes.

Fediverse forecast for today, Tuesday 19 March 2019: lazy, with discourse

And God said to Noah, "Noah, make a backup, I'm reimaging"

Ramen in salt and soy sauce broth with shiitake mushrooms, boiled spinach and grated garlic. Served with edamame tossed in sea salt.

Fediverse forecast for today, Monday 18 March 2019: witchy, with hardware failures at Scaleway

Ramen in pork bone and soy sauce broth with scallions, bamboo shoots and dried mushrooms, sprinkled with ponzu.

Fediverse forecast for today, Sunday 17 March 2019: cybre, with 50% chance of discourse after nightfall

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