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will (tilde aspect) @sl2c@tiny.tilde.website

Would you rather have mild but constant tinnitus (ringing in the ears) or be infamous in history books?

📖 :police: ( 5.2c) Livestock are now allowed.

(Ordinance 9.15c) Trees must stop walking in the street.

📖 (Rule 2.16c) No reading in the ocean.

Hey baby are you an angle or a pastry? Either way you're a cutie pie

I have carefully calculated the amount of fucks that every townie gives:


A chain of cubes from 14 cubes to 7 cubes.

i can't believe virginia is fucking dead

you have more cybre at your fingertips than entire generations had in the past

A chain of cubes from 0 cubes to 21 cubes.

it's g̨̭l͞i̧̲t̟ç͔h̶̫̬͉i̠̥̣̭̩̩̯n̠̤g̢̺͉͇ ̯͚̱̱͘d҉̖͉̩̯̤̲a̱y̴̘͙̹ ̰̫̘̖͜

:cybre_glitch: cybre.space registrations are now open!

A chain of cubes from 810 cubes to 821 cubes.


1) Sometimes you have two of that chair, sometimes you don't

2) People passing by your home point at it and say to each other "That's where that shape-shifter lives."

3) You've told yourself, to your own face, that you're imagining things and there's no shape-shifter in your home

4) Mail arrives addressed to RESIDENT SHAPE-SHIFTER

5) (trick question) You've been able to change your own shape the whole time