simple web blog:

- pandoc
- git

- header:
title: your title
[home](index.html) - [some link](some-link.html)

- footer:
this is an optional file

wuddup, im a homepage

- style.css:

convert .md to .html:
pandoc -s -c style.css header -o index.html

upload to github pages:
git add --all
git commit -m "woot"
git push


currently making a bot that describes vampire clans

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Pix from wandering around after work the other day

(Ordinance 1.86e) Dogs are now called livestock.

I feel bad that we as Tusky were not prepared to take new users. We basically have no onboarding flow because we've never expected people to join mastodon through us. People are used to do everything though the apps, though.

Decade of training people to search things through app stores has huge effect. That's going to be a problem for PWAs too.

That's a big problem for free software.

Would you rather have mild but constant tinnitus (ringing in the ears) or be infamous in history books?

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