The recursive centaur: half horse, half recursive centaur


if you're having trouble visualizing the recursive centaur i've made this helpful reference

@selfsame I like this whole follow my soundcloud meme when posts get popular. now I am listening to your music with an image of recursive centaur in my brain and its cute.

@selfsame would a recursive centaur really look like this or would it be instead 🤭 tail-recursive

if a recursive centaur wore pants
would the pants have finite volume
what about finite surface area

if a recursive centaur's pants had finite volume and infinite surface area
would we call them Gabriel's horny pants
or Torricelli's trumpety pants

As it charges you, it goes slower and slower, and never actually reaches you....

@selfsame I hate to be like this but there's porn of this w/human legs

@envgen @selfsame

(dear sweet reason and mercy, i hope its length converges to something finite…)

@selfsame Are you hacking Blender in Clojure or something? :)

@selfsame Let's get down to brass tacks. How would it wear pants?

@ieure believe the thread consensus was even with infinite leg holes it's still a single pair of pants

@selfsame ok so since this is half a centaur plus a quarter of a centaur plus an eighth of a centaur etc. that means it adds up to .9 repeating, which equals 1.

Therefore the recursive centaur is, precisely, one centaur.

@selfsame thabks this was helpful in keeping me up at night

using the standard recursive centaur as a reference how would one properly render these creatures

the recursive mermaid: half fish, half recursive mermaid

the recursive minotaur: half bull, half recursive minotaur; guards a fractal maze

the recursive satyr: half goat, half recursive satyr but with exaggerated genitalia

the recursive cyclops: a giant but, centered in its forehead, half the number of eyes of a recursive cyclops

the recursive half-elf: half elf, half recursive half-elf

recursive arnold palmer: half lemonade, half recursive arnold palmer

recursive half-and-half: half milk, half recursive half-and-half

recursive black-and-tan: half guinness, half recursive black-and-tan

recursive half-caff: half fully-caffeinated, half recursive half-caff

@selfsame This one has recently been making the rounds on Facebook, it's fuckin wild

@esvrld knows a guy that thinks recursive centaures should go in a a recursive labyrinth lol


I remember when this first went viral, now I'm seeing it again 3 years later. Still a good post!

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