Remembering sprite comics makes me feel old. But then I remember I also used to *make* one, and suddenly I feel cool as heck. I hope this form of media has a renaissance in the next ten years!

What is the thing most beneficial for our world I should be doing?...

School is over for me but I'm doing well at work and at a single (1) side project. Random thoughts; I want to do more activism for nature preservation, spread awareness.

Is there an easy way to use Mastodon with multiple instances at once? In order to provide separate categorized "streams" of my toots (with the freedom to cross-retoot). Am I even making sense?

hi townies and other friends on mastodon who found me here. sorry for being dead. it's my nature to jump in and out of places. i'll be back in the town soon

i had a super adventurous summer and am currently in a state of distraught over a close friend. i only hope things will turn out good soon

i am very thankful for all the friends i have made on the internet and i'll never forget you. let's talk again

*winston oh noo

good thing this isn't twatter where the typo would be embarrassing

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I'm a part of so many places from large communities to small circles of friends it's cute and I don't know how it happened

It's difficult to present new slices of myself in person. But when it results in me feeling more comfortable, it's worth it.

"Mit dem Dosenöffner öffnet man Dosen"
"With the can opener one opens cans."
I can't get enough of Super Easy German. Hilariously mundane yet tremendous way to learn a language.


me on twitter: [silence]
me on mastodon: depression, bad jokes, "I JUST TOOK ALLERGY DRUGS AND I'M EUPHORIC"

enjoy unfiltered sanqui while you can

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