oh hey, it's been a while. I mostly kept this as my backup account nowadays. feel free to follow my primary account: @resir014@icosahedron.website

Alright, I've finally published my mastodon directory. I'll be listing all my verified accounts on other instances here. tilde.town/~resir014/mastodon/

still trying to figure out what to use this instance for

I remember when hash tags were invented by the Twitter community, and the time before @ replies weren't broadcast to all of your followers.

I remember App.net when it had its own cambrian explosion of applications and how happy everyone was to find a new "other place".

And now I'm here and this is great.

I think that the natural cycle of things means that to get the feeling we're having now, here, things need to be built, grow and decline*.

And that's okay.

* "decline" for its core users.

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