i saw some presentation once and i'd like to find it again.

it was presented a vision of the future of computing, but as a history of computing situated in that future.

i think it was pycon or something?

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why do websites that receive payments for medical offices, prepaid cell phones, apartment rental, and mortgage servicers have the absolute sketchiest websites ever? why the hell do they use terrible domain names instead of a subdomain of the main, trusted, branded website? it's like they actively want people to get their identity stolen

I think @Purism should do a free software-based #Kindle alternative after the #librem5.

If I was going to write a dystopian future story, I legitimately think "Evilcorp" would be the most realistic name for a company that the villain would be the CEO of

Techbros love to make playfully ironic names for their startups that literally tell you in the name itself that it's a thing to be avoided

E.g. Palantir, Soylent, Death Wish Coffee

No no I said "foul stick" developer what the hell is a full stack?


I wrote a small write-up about the e-ink computer/digital typewriter I made 4 months ago.


Wait wait no I'm a "full *stork* developer", think there's been some sort of mix up here

did they sunset a chunk of google plus while forgetting that it was still baked into youtube

Oh YouTube finally removed all the alt-right content?

it took several guesses and attempts and borrowing back the one i gave to a friend but i finally have this 128x64 OLED display working on my mitosis receiver

next step: design some visualization to display on it and integrate with firmware

i wish there was a way to specify that this video should loop

Okay fediverse, I'm just $6 short of halfway to my first goal on Patreon patreon.com/cwebber

This lead me to think: I haven't planned something fun for when we cross the first milestone.

Here's an idea... why not say thank you with a game? People really liked the console version of Racktris. Someone suggested I make a console infinite runner.

What about that? We cross $500/mo, I'll release ThanksWARS, a console infinite runner / space shooter; donors get to vote which. Thoughts?

Let it all oot
These are the things I could do withoot

I'm talking to ye

i want to both:

A. go live cheap and minimalist in a cabin in the woods, computer on solar/hydro power and figure out weird hacks to get internet way out there

B. send my kids to a highly-rated public school where they can make friends of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds

right now the plan is:
just give up on silly daydream A to pursue B 😕

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