Thank you @vilmibm for the tiny pirate kingdom where you made us all guests.

(Image is Paul Ford in Wired talking about

hello for like 10 minutes Minneapolis, Minnesota, you seem nice

"braintree?" why the heck did boston area people name a town after some irrationally arrogant eBay/PayPal shit? from what i've been hearing they have self respect around here and don't like the silicon valley tech bro scene, good people move here from there to escape it


it was settled in 1625?

and named after an even older place in England

fuckin silicon valley bros ripped off their good name!

@pho4cexa @varx @vfrmedia

We have Alewife in Boston which is named in honor of the alewife herring which still run the Charles river every year.

So, the baby in labyrinth is Brian Froud's son, Toby. Toby Froud spent his life studying under Jim Henson & is directing the new Dark Crystal Netflix series.

Don't think he stopped wearing a red striped onesie.

@vfrmedia @pho4cexa Not a town, by the way—the station is likely named for the nearby Alewife Brook, which is named for the alewife herring that swim in it. (Or used to, I don't know.) And alewives are named for the profession of alewife, apparently because the fish are kinda chubby, and I guess alewives (the humans) gained a reputation for that.

it's so nice to be back in an environment where casual cussin' is totally acceptable at work, in meetings, from the boss and the very nicest of my coworkers

i'm glad i did not say the words "alley wiffay" or "alooeef," that my brain suggested, aloud to any boston natives, while looking for the red line train to alewife

@pho4cexa An alewife is exactly what you might expect; a woman who brews ale (for a good part of the Middle Ages it was seen as an exclusively female career)

surely this town alewife is not pronounced "ale wife"

holy shit it is

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i've been at my new job a week and i'm about to get on an airplane to the opposite corner of the country for it and i still feel like if i talk about enjoying it, i might stumble, or get caught out as a total impostor, or wake up

maybe it will feel "real" when i find a discomfort that i must struggle to adapt myself to, but so far not even Java or Mac hardware is that

is the job as nice as it feels or are my brain pills working really well? lol idk

it's not that hard to deface a sign that says 'Colorado' to say 'Gatorade' instead

i want a super high resolution 24x36 poster print of this except with the recursive centaur

take of the day: code folding is just content warnings

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