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Hi, I'm pho4cexa. I make software.
It's my art, identity, and would be my "passion"
if it weren't also my day job.

I'm good at but want to use , , and .

I believe is essential to freedom and everything should be v3.

Recent hobby: , and programming, building .

I want to read more by authors.

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Hi friends, this is my alt account. My main is too thoroughly bound to my meatspace identity, and I feel increasingly hesitant to toot there about flaws, feels, preferences, rants, etc.

I haven't gone to great lengths to obtain real pseudonymity--nasty silicon valley surveillance companies will likely be able to link my profiles together--for now I really just want Google searches for my meatspace name to return results as boring and "professional" as possible.

So I was trying to express in "activist responsibility" toot that people shouldn't voluntarily cede their power & reach just because some antagonist might label them a hypocrite for having it.

But it could be read as "people who experience harassment or just feel bad using a platform must tolerate that in the name of activism." That wasn't what I wanted it to say at all.

I also meant "maybe" as in
"maybe? (what do you think?)" not
"maybe...! (i'm confident, so you should consider it)"


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@pho4cexa This is an interesting point. For ~1 year I didn't have an official Twitter account or Facebook page for the Mastodon project. I feel like that was a 1 year long mistake, because the people on those platforms are the people I need to be reaching out to...

➡️ when the FSF "had to" hand-deliver dead trees because the DMCA comments website used nonfree javascript

➡️ anti-Facebook activists who delete their own FB account, so the people who most need to see their message… don't

➡️ "you oppose capitalism and yet you use the products of capitalism"

🤔 maybe a disingenuous threat of being labeled a hypocrite has been effective in squelching activist voices in several domains

🤔 maybe activists against X have a _responsibility_ to endure X, to subvert it

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Those days when the caffeine kicks in real good like 🎆

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it would be great if shells would discard input while a blocking command is running so I can type FUCK YOU, FINISH ALREADY WHY ARE YOU TAKING SO MUCH TIMEEEEEE HNNNNNNG in my term without getting a bunch of bash errors afterwards :thaenkin:

tired: data probe
wired: data proboscis

the single off-brand rechargeable AA battery powering my m570 wireless trackball finally ran out of juice. i don't think that's ever happened to me before.

i want to learn to design electronics with such power efficiency.

this, the little four-function calculator i bought more than 10y ago that probably runs on a coin cell, automatic watches... they all seem more and more impressive with every new phone and gadget that you must recharge daily or else.

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"i don't understand why these assholes intentionally make their stupid race cars sound like the muffler is broken,"

he complained to the internet using the noisiest-ass mechanical keyboard he could find

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Thank you generous people of the fediverse for allowing our small extraterritorial, sovereign, quasi-national entity to be part of your world.

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... i need to
- apply for this job
but before that i need to
- clean up my site & public repos
but before that i need to
- improve my site generator
but before that i need to
- finish provisioning my git server
but before that i need to
- get fail2ban configured again
but before that ...

Genuine LOL at this guy giggling and gushing over the "beefy" "mind-blowing" tactility of these new Kailh Box Navy Thick Click switches

and at myself because I'm pretty much right there with him 😳

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I wrote about the 2010 rise and fall of Google Wave, and lessons we can learn from their attempt to roll up email and chat and wikis into a single federated tool:

i have the unbelievable luxury of not needing to work for a little while and i still have constant stress about not having enough time for shit and trying to look good for the (now prospective) bosses

this reality is incorrect

$ vim
Bus error
$ sudo dmesg
-bash: /usr/bin/sudo: Input/output error
$ tail /var/log/messages
-bash: /usr/bin/tail: Input/output error
$ ls /proc
-bash: /bin/ls: Input/output error

... all while a different machine continues to copy 14G of data to it

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a sonic game, except you actually *can* ramp up to the speed of sound consistently with all the physical ramifications thereof.

and have some kind of bullet-time effect so you can actually control where you're going at those speeds.

nothing says "fast" to me like seeing some huge object that looks tiny off in the distance suddenly close in fast. there should be this sense of You Are Going Way Fast And Have A Shitload Of Kinetic Energy

i should be keeping a blog about learning emacs (via spacemacs), and comparisons to vim

- beginning to feel why people love org mode
- word wrap with adaptive wrap is so great! M-x toggle-word-wrap, M-x adaptive-wrap-prefix-mode
- how to dim the color of the "fringe" (the little line-wrap indicators) M-x customize-face fringe
- emacs starts faster than vim ever did, since i'm using client/daemon mode! emacsclient -c -a ''