YOU: so the A in RAID stands for "Array"?
US: Yes.
YOU: doesn't that mean saying "RAID array" is redundant?
US: Of course. That's what the R is for.

ADSL works over wet string? Well, I was once fortunate (or unfortunate?) enough to experience "ADSL over a DISCONNECTED phone line" at home. While performing a building-wide copper to fiber optics upgrade, the phone company stupidly unplugged my phone line from the distribution box. the phone is completely dead, zero voltage. But the ADSL modem was able to complete the handshake! The speed was degraded to ~128 Kbps but I was still able to read a basic webpage or chatting on IRC... Apparently the parasitic capacitance on the line is enough for the ADSL signal to jump across the air gap.

my 2018 toot has become real

target and wal-mart both sell "pot-sized" spaghetti noodles now

it's in a cute short little box too

so they found an economic way to fold normal length noodles in half before drying them for packaging? right?

nope they're just half-length

the same as breaking normal spaghetti in half before you throw it in the pot


i should have been more specific in 2018 i guess

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i hope when the resistance builds a team of scrappy robots for the purpose of disabling fashy faked0gs it immediately evokes imagery of an alley full of angry cats

hissing as their pneumatic limbs propel them

howling as their garage-built emp capacitors charge

spitting sparks when armed to strike

inane dream log 

it became critically important to the plot that i help someone find the angle of a right triangle

remembered sohcahtoa but from there everything went fuzzy. "wait this shouldn't be hard, i thought i was good at this"

then i misplaced the paper with my diagram on it

woke up scolding my brain that no, basic geometry math is not to be garbage-collected pls kthx

has there been any disinterested summary/reporting on the drama behind improving bluetooth support in pulseaudio?

seems like we could have had better headset support 2 years ago but unfortunate decisions by maintainers angered the patch developer, who expressed that with abusive language, then the whole thing went up in flames?

and now it looks like linux's audio subsystems are getting totally replaced *again* lol

(though it does seem to be a necessary improvement)

After all these years finally better sound quality from the bluetooth headphones on linux. Pipewire doing for linux great wonders. All hail the msbc support and profile switching between all different codecs finally working.

if you're queer or nonwhite and you want anything printed, hmu. 2D (grayscale, 1-sided) or 3D (SLA), no charge or anything (if you want a weird resin or fancy paper or w/e I might want you to pay the difference between the resin I usually have, depending on how much money I have)

How do you prefer scrolling to work on a laptop? Comment with details/why, and please boost for reach!

yo signal you gave me all those "look who is on signal!" notifications when people i know joined up, can you give them a "guess who just deleted signal" notification when i go too

"The medieval period is subdivided into the Early, High, and Late Middle Ages."

i guess historians didn't want to call it "the middle middle ages"?

no such thing as ethical consumption under high capitalism

some people wake early
some people wake late
some people wake high

🧠 okay these are basically all going to be the same marijuana joke, i'm bored of this wordplay

👨 holy shit that's a first, are you feeling okay

mobile device software developers have appropriated the term "deep link" to mean when a normal-looking url is configured to trigger some action in an installed app

i have an app on my phone used to track newborn feeding schedules, amounts, growth charts, poops, etc., called "feed baby"

when feed baby asks you to tap a link to performs some action in their app, it begins with the unfortunate domain name,

uh 😬
that's a bit foie gras 😬

til the oldest e-mail in my gmail account is from 2004 😬 🤢

but it looks like i didn't actually start using it as my primary e-mail client until 2013, still 😬 😬 😬

it needs a deletin'

for non-gmail users, has spam detection and filtering become any smarter/better in the last, say, ten years?

or is it still just all up to thunderbird having to learn from zero what spam looks like based entirely on your personal labor to mark it as such

Mecha anime about Amazon warehouse workers who are given mecha so they can pick packages faster and are like "wait a minute, we have mechs why are we putting up with being treated like this?" and take over a warehouse, turning into a worker-controlled co-op like ala Mandragon.

we heard you are interested in integrating with our ~open api~! just type all your vital information into this here google form and someone will follow up with you after careful vetting. by the way have you already signed our nda?

can't wait to write some code against this super open api

til "revamp" (update, improve) is etymologically distinct from "vamp" (derogatory gendered label deriving from "vampire")

@mntmn do I understand correctly that this would allow for example putting a bitstream for a RISC-V core in the FPGA, and then having that as the main CPU for the Reform? If yes, that would be extremely cool, and I can already imagine people doing awesome stuff like “hey, this Reform is actually a MSX/Spectrum/Amiga/whatever laptop” :blobaww:

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