need a lewd alternative acronym expansion for KPI so i can struggle not to giggle every time somebody talks to me about *mouth full of corporate marbles* Key Performance Indicators

Humanity moved from quality knobs and full service manuals into flat buttons and no service manuals.

Q: When does a joke become a dad joke? 

uspol pres debate 

acknowledging that i don't have a lot of time for recreational reading and making it a matter of policy to only read sci-fi works by 1. authors who are not white men* and 2. which are published without drm** has been working out wonderfully

* grandfathered exceptions: charles stross and greg egan

** if i find a drm-infected sci-fi work by a non-white-male author that looks really good i acquire it second-hand or via library, e.g. ancillary justice by ann leckie

of course i want to vacation with my family, camping in a forest with a lake, etc., the standard camping trip with kids

but also

i want a week to myself in a chilly dark cave with a cozy sleeping bag, a laptop, hot stew in the thermos, something to research, and gigabit fiber internet

in a world where the sense of smell and taste is just as important as eyesight, humans have invented devices to sharpen these senses just like glasses, and everybody thinks you for some silly reason look smarter when you wear a tastefully matching set of glasses, cylinders, and film

silent bloody massacre as the pepperidge farm corporate star destroyer's distinctive™ laser array neatly transects the hillshire farm orbital meat cyclotron, leaving the solar system bereft of heavily processed meats brimming with salt and preservatives

software shoptalk, meat 

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software shoptalk, meat 

random website estimates that blippi will make $15,000,000 this year

interesting to realize that i wouldn't want to trade my job for his even for the potential to get that much money

@neauoire @rek this random recommendation is about 20 years late but are you familiar with the webcomic "unicorn jelly"?

thought you'd enjoy its 1-bit pixelated aesthetic, sci-fi story, and no-javascript website

imho it's an early-internet masterpiece

my dick is curved up backwards, and when i cum, it shoots right up my own ass

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here's a work of art i spent a month working on

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WOOHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The last batch of printed proof looks perfect! Finally, after one year of struggle... Quick blog post:

one of the weirder parts of aging is gradually hearing an even older Old Person's sneezes and coughs exit your own head each time you catch a cold

when i was young i thought that olds doing the shout-sneeze or growling-cough was at least partially for attention or pity

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