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someone pls read Steve Wozniak's autobiography and explain to me how the hell he's okay with what became of his tinker-able computer For The People

a productized, manufacturer-controlled, locked-down, expensive, proprietary system that loves DRM seems in direct conflict with the ideals that Woz brought to the Apple I

i could understand being okay with my asshole ceo friend making me give up either billions of dollars, or all my principles, but not both

how is he not angry all the time

boost converters are circuits that let you convert a small voltage to a big one, so you can, say, power a 3.3v microcontroller off a single 1.5v battery

i just learned from youtube how they work and it's pretty rad. they alternate between revving up the current through an inductor (which kinda acts like a flywheel?) and letting that revved-up inductor charge a capacitor

the 3d diagram in this video where height represents voltage is a pretty great way to portray this

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i just got a card jacked by a skimmer at a local gas station, and when i dialed the fraud prevention number i got put on hold for 5 minutes and then it was a _robot voice complete with fake throat clearing noises_ and i didn't twig that it was failing the turing test until it berated me to read the full name on my card instead of responding to what i'd said and then condescendingly told me "that's better".

the actual cyberpunk dystopia is so fucking lame.

due to various childhood traumas i do not dance under any circumstances

last night my family went out to a local festival thing and they had "Just Dance 5" set up with a projector, attracting crowds of passers-by even though it's only a 4 player game

my ~3 year old dragged me over there and watched a whole song transfixed

then he ripped off his little jacket and danced his heart out. i didn't know he could pirouette

i'm still holding back tears. never gonna let anyone take this away from him

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happy fathers day if your dad sucks i'm your dad now. i'm so proud of you

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@noelle I'd wonder whether it winds up being purpose driven. Cyberpunk implies dystopias; "I augment myself because it's cool and makes me feel whole" is positive, but what about becoming more and more mechanistic simply to scrape by? Then there's all the capitalist elitism.

A little like how cell phones are theoretically awesome but now we're all required to have one, required to put other peoples' programs on ours for work, God knows who might be using 'em to snoop on us etc.

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Backdoored images downloaded from DockerHub 5 million times

Malware installed through DockerHub can also escape the container, so may continue to run.

Friends don't let friends install unreproducible black box container images.

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Oldschool fediverse phrases, from about 10y ago:

- TZAG: Time Zone Appropriate Greeting (preferred over "good morning")
- TZAF: Time Zone Appropriate Farewell
- #contextpatrol : when someone posted a response which wasn't linked to the original conversation, someone might link the conversation with #contextpatrol (the old StatusNet (ie, GNU Social) interface made not doing this accidentally easily)
- #vaguejokes : an obscure joke that was not really worth or more fun unexplained

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Something I also miss: threaded conversations were the norm. Yes, in microblogging! Some of the most intense and interesting conversations about free software philosophy and licensing happened in threads that shot way off to the edge of the page

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@onf @pho4cexa 64bit is just the start. I'm not fully up-to-date on all things, but one of the real-life applications is to make GNU Guix and GuixSD build completely from source, ridding it of the bootstrap binaries. We have some intersections of people between bootstrappable, reproducible-builds, and Guix.
More architectures are planned, and being not OS/distro specific iirc.

defeatism? github/ms Show more

If you need a compiled compiler to compile compilers, how do you know that there's no spyware secretly propagating itself?

hex0 is "a hex assembler written in hex" -- basically several bytes of raw machine code "with a shitload of comments" which translates text to bytes

hex0 translates hex1
which translates M0
which assembles M1/hex2
which assembles M2-Planet
which assembles mes
๐Ÿ†• which compiles tinycc
which compiles gcc
which compiles the OS!

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Holy shit! Mes now compiles tinycc which compiles gcc!

The fully reproducible system is nearly upon us!

i don't let the kid watch idiotic youtube trash designed to attract views from toddlers, but i also don't believe that a simplistic limitation on "screen time" is healthy, either.

that's as bizarre to me as limiting "bandwidth" or "reading" just because you're too busy or distracted to curate the content

when i read "The Diamond Age: Or, A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer" by Neal Stephenson, the idea of an interactive book that could teach logic gates, assembly language programming, and other fundamentals of computing to young children by way of metaphor was about as far-future as home matter replicators

i think about it a lot whenever i watch my 3 year old deftly navigate and interact with his tablet. we've totally got the hardware already, all we need is the software

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Here's a stupid pointless thing that I want:
Have you heard of Anarchy Arcade? Where you can build a virtual space to launch your apps and games from on your computer? I want that but for my ebooks.

I want to design and walk around in a huge virtual library that contains physical representations of my ebooks, with the size of the book based on either the length of the book (default) or manually-entered sizes and the cover based on the cover image or manually set.

I wanna be my own librarian.

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@kaniini makes a very good point.

"What is 'lollipop project'"

It's an attempt to lower the friction of self hosting. Preferably on Raspberry Pi's, Orange Pi's and other lean, small ARM mini-computer boards.

I've been quietly working for the last 3 months on building a self-hosted cloud that's rarely online (only to get updates really) as well as provide services for myself and others while 'disconnected'. Services like contact/calendar/gpx track sync. GPX tracking. Blog, more.

As I've worked on the project a few very amazing folks have made suggestions about how it could be used to lower the barrier of 'just self host' for a LOT of people floating around the federverse.

After some thinking and quiet time I realized it's time to make this a real project.

The 'Lollipop Cloud' is born of a desire to self host when nomadic, facilitating sync when 'in the jungle' or just wanting to give ๐Ÿ–• to the various corporate entities who harvest your data.

A cloud in a very small box is the goal. A box the size of a credit card or as big as a rack mount server. YOU decide.

More will be online/posted soon.

If your daring the current public 'stuff' is at
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I have found it much easier to teach decent people how to do things than to try to get shitty people who know how to do things to be decent.

for lack of time to select a new avatar, i just randomized the pixels of my previous pic a bit, to reduce the occurrence of revealing my identity. it's not meant to look like my head's exploding or anything so morbid