plot twist, bingo is the farmer's not the dog's name-o

buying out the local costco of vinegar and brown paper so if anybody breaks their crown during lockdown i can price gouge the shit out of them

the couple k-i-s-s-i-n-g were in the same tree that, much later, baby falls from cradle and all, a cautionary tale of when dendrophilia goes too far

👨 i love all this rain here in socal
🧠 seems like more than normal
👨 yeah makes for a really nice work from home environment
🧠 maybe the weather patterns are changing
👨 what why
🧠 coronavirus
👨 lolwat
🧠 fewer cars on the road, no smog, you can see all the way to the mountains, socal is reverting to the cool rainy paradise it should be because of the pandemic
👨 no it's just springtime and we moved here back when there was an extreme drought so our sense of normalcy is off
🧠 it's a conspiracy

how to prevent your glasses from fogging when you wear a facemask 

you know there's a pandemic on when your grizzled cave-dwelling back-end programmer goblins are directly interacting with end users

dear valued customer we're very apologize for the inconvenience. by the way, you wouldn't even have that problem if you ran a real operating system like GNU/Linux,

home lan improvement project:

1. self-host services
2. lock down iot garbage
3. open guest wifi

to do all this safely i think i need to set up vlans, firewall rules, and possibly openvpn

so if an internet-facing or iot device gets exploited, the attacker can't easily access my trusted lan

and so the open wifi can be throttled and restricted

i've got a wireless router running dd-wrt. sadly it can't run openwrt.

this was a good resource:

looking for more of the same

i've been on average pleased by a number of things that have changed for the better with my kids' public schooling than what i experienced

but hmm they still do the pledge of allegiance?

well, they only have to do it once per week (even when not under pandemic) so that's an improvement

i guess "publicly rehearse this sacred phrase in a monotonic drone" hasn't yet registered in mainstream cultural consciousness as creepy as fuck

Playing through the Merveilles #Hyperjam games with my son. So far we've played Catpot and ElfBalls.

Catpot was his first point and click adventure. I liked that it was mixed with Japanese and English. He recently started studying kanji at school, so the labels in the artwork was a good introduction to some new ones for him. We've also been working on reading English at home, so the in game text was a good practice. not many difficult words. He wanted to go back explore the world and talk to the characters more once when we finished, but I wanted to try out the other games. He's going to show his little sister how to play it later on today.

ElfBalls. I didn't know HyperCard games were allowed to be this good. We're taking a break right now after many rounds, but as my son ran off he yelled "daddy, that was fun!"


The pasta is returning to its natural habitat. Nature is healing, we are the virus


friend detected

possibly the biggest bold jumping spider i've ever met

their abdomen markings are like 😍

inventing the "peasant diet" and selling prepackaged sacks of oats, flour, rice and beans to techbros for 400 dollars a month

i wonder in which of my recipes i can substitute pancake mix for flour

besides pancakes

because nobody has flour but pancake mix is still on the shelves



turns any emote into a poorly drawn version of itself

Consider the sheer cruelty of forcing people to commute to work every day just to park their asses in front of a computer now that it's been conclusively shown that millions of people could've been working from home all along.

not being able to plug a second mouse into the computer and get a second cursor was an act of cowardice

i'm a computer nobody but i'm on at least speaking terms with some computer folks i'm convinced will be in history books

i kindof feel like that main character in your favorite historical fiction novel who is buddies with the likes of newton and huygens but since their actions, insignificant in comparison, never amount to anything recorded in the annals of history, the story doesn't shatter your suspension of disbelief

my dog is pretty chill and only barks when strangers come around

she has learned that the doorbell means a stranger is outside, so she always goes nuts when she hears it, even if it's obviously my kids that rang it

now the kids have Zoom meetings

and Zoom makes a doorbell sound when it connects

so their arrival in most of their classes is announced by a loud ass barking dog and a dad stumbling over toys going stfu, dog, it's not even the real doorbell

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