Did you know that you might have access to Lynda.com through your local #library?!


That's access to free courses and all kinds of stuff from #Programing to #DevOps, #3DPRinting to #eBook #Publishing! Blogging, advertising, and all sorts of content!

We're using this to train new employees where I work and I can vouch for the quality of most of the content. Check with your local library and learn something 😃

thank you so much @Nezchan for recommending the awesome webcomic Scrub Diving, and through that, other works by the same author: Never Mind The Gap, Space Pulp, Dragons and Silk. (all NSFW, but in a good way that fits the thoughtful plots.)



Back in the GTalk days, you could talk to your entire Google contacts list via federated XMPP.

So even back then I had way more contacts on XMPP than GNUSocial or Identica.

Google played a large role in killing off XMPP usage and the day they announced sunsetting GTalk was when I realized they're just another embrace-extend-extinguish monopolist.

Society needs self-hostable, scalable and functional alternatives to surveillance capitalist systems of manipulation and censorship.

I‘ve now submitted a pull request for mdbook that, if/when merged, will serve web fonts locally and not hit Google’s servers:


In the meanwhile, if you want to create Google-free #Rust documentation, feel free to use my fork:


whenever i taste or smell coconut i vividly recall memories of my first computer, an IBM PS/2-25

because it smelled like coconut, for some reason, i think? (but why?)

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@cwebber btw the "archive" link in the header of librelounge.org is 404'ing

not a big deal, since navigating to /episodes/ gave me what i hoped to find there

librelounge is great, keep it up 😁

my 3yo thinks our xmas tree is a hilarious game that you win when you throw something at it and it gets stuck in there

jorts jorts jorts
fediverse fediverse
moods lewds cws
:blobpats: :blobpats: :blobpats:
postin memes
postin memes memes memes
writin shitposts
boostin toots
who boosts the toots?
we boost the toots

TIL github has moved away from an orphan "gh-pages" branch as the default mechanism for publishing per-repo website content via their "github pages" service

which i suppose will make it much easier to understand and set up for most people but i thought it was clean and demonstrated an interesting facet of how git works

I'm liquidating a bunch of stuff from the tech closet in preparation for moving, so gimme a shout out if you're interested in vintage Maemo / MeeGo hardware etc....

(Unfortunately the Firefox OS phone is already gone. Sorry.)

🧠 baby bok choi eh?
👨 not this again
🧠 so you're craving that bbc huh
👨 it wasn't funny last time either
🧠 do you think you can fit that whole bbc in your mouth
👨 why do you do this every time, with the same jokes

>>> max(*"oh no")
>>> min(*"my_face_rn")


git-update-server-info writes .git/info/refs, to enable "dumb http transport" to clone over HTTP with no special backend


an extended git-update-server-info that also generates a nice HTML page for the published .git repo that describes:
- how to clone
- how to publish your clone
- a "pull request" template

i bet this could get you very close to the github workflow that many people are now familiar with, on any cheap static hosting, while avoiding the nasty e-mailing of patches

My static site generator "makebakery" is undergoing a bit of a refactor, which should make it a lot easier to use!

Now instead of trying to be some kind of canonical Makefile, you set up some configuration in your own simple Makefile following a template, which `include`s makebakery.mk. Like this:

I'm still working on updating the documentation and demo site which is currently full of lies, but I'll announce a release when it's ready to use for real.

honestly though, mastodon instances are run and moderated by real people who care about the network, to the point of often paying their own money out-of-pocket to run their instances.

the *one* time i've had to report a post, my instance admin messaged me directly to let me know the action taken about it.

don't be shy to report. it works here. the rules aren't there just to keep things advertiser-friendly.

welcome to mastodon. don't be a dick. hug your local mods/admins.

my former portland-resident friends convinced me that despite how much i loved visiting in the summer it's actually depressing to live through the winters there
but today it's the one chilly/rainy day we get this year in southern california and a tiny part of me is like
they're wrong
bring it on
i can hack it
pump that gloomy overcast drizzle into my veins for yearrrrs
we fuckin love it

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