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Hi, I'm pho4cexa. I make software.
It's my art, identity, and would be my "passion"
if it weren't also my day job.

I'm good at but want to use , , and .

I believe is essential to freedom and everything should be v3.

Recent hobby: , and programming, building .

I want to read more by authors.

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Hi friends, this is my alt account. My main is too thoroughly bound to my meatspace identity, and I feel increasingly hesitant to toot there about flaws, feels, preferences, rants, etc.

I haven't gone to great lengths to obtain real pseudonymity--nasty silicon valley surveillance companies will likely be able to link my profiles together--for now I really just want Google searches for my meatspace name to return results as boring and "professional" as possible.

"ha ha! this guy is pretty funny and has lots of good takes. we should follow him!"

โ€” my brain, while sleepily reviewing some of my own old tweets for archive and deletion ๐Ÿ™„

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Always happy to see DIY ISP ponderings on the timeline, so Imma leave this link to a free book about deploying low-cost wireless networks in the developing world:

(pro-tip: the whole world is the developing world)

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Rediscovering LambdaMOO, a MUD where you have to enter the dungeon in order to program it. The editor is a room you teleport to and shout at until done.

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Why are computers and phones and things slow. ๐Ÿ˜” I remember when I had a 133Mhz CPU. Here I am jiggabytes later and it's all the same.

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if anyone here on or anywhere else in the federation knows of an interesting feminist articles about the internet and cyber space let me know!! Im gonna teach a class next semester about cyberfeminism and need some readings to give out!! (please boost)

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And then we'd have the possibility of custom ritualistic magic dances in a videogame. Wouldn't that be something?

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To cast as many fireballs as you can, you'd want to do
[Fire -> Fist -> Fire] in order to end up in Fire and be ready to cast again immediately.

Bigger spells would be cast by using non-releasing stances, and adding consecutive actions.

[Fire -> Arms in T -> Hands above Head] [Hands above Head -> Twirl -> One Leg Balance] [One Leg Balance -> Stomp Down -> x]
could be a sequence that would create a spinning fire nova around you, doing huge AoE damage.

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An RPG where classes are only guidelines for effective builds, and skills are trained and require earlier skills. Kinda like a huge diablo-esque skilltree.

Also, skills aren't used directly in combat, instead skills are various martial arts-like stances, that when combined do stuff in combat.
Any action would then be going from the stance you're in, through a second stance and end in a third.

Stance A: Stand relaxed
Stance B: Stretched fist

Basic attack: A -> B -> A

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I just finished assembling my new pocketchip keyboard.

It still needs some work (legends, hometown nibs) and a few of the keys are sticky (the tolerances are tight, and I need to lightly sand something) but I'm pretty pleased with it.

Now to try and use it, maybe this will be the thing I needed to make #pocketchip not useless.

wow "slightly_smiling_face" is so not the impression I want to convey when I say "๐Ÿ™‚"

i hope none of my interlocutors reads too much into those emoji names

might as well be :fake_half_smiling_with_dead_eyes_almost_a_sneer_really:

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If anyone knows of any dev jobs coming up for someone interested in getting their start, let me know. I really want to become a developer but am struggling to get my foot in the door.

here is my github:

Another thing I learned to stop daydreaming about under the reign of birdsite: convergence.

Capitalism incentivizes services to compete and lock-in, which is why every corporate social site has their own crap version of e-mail and/or messaging.

Federated open source on the other hand gets more successful with collaboration.

What if Free microblogging platforms replaced "DMs" with e.g. XMPP? It's an unlikely engineering mountain to climb but it is at least plausible

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๐ŸŒˆ double rainbow all the way across the desk ๐ŸŒˆ

๐Ÿค” i could totally stop using google hangouts for instant messaging because with rare exceptions i only ever talk to one other person on there.

i'd miss the searchability and automatic integration with all my devices

but it's time to grit my teeth and cauterize google's tenticular penetrations into my digital self

are there newer/better technologies than XMPP i should explore?

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Wow... my buddy list on XMPP finally just dropped to less than a page as all the gmail users vanished from the list.

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so, i run but rarely talk about why.

it was on the tail of a med incident. a blood vessel burst in my retina & i had a blind spot in one eye that took over a month of recovery (after a panicked trip to the ER).

it burst because of the *stress* i was under, partly from some life stuff, but mostly because of my work situation.

after that, i started gathering resources & sharing them with others. eventually, i made the website so i could share easily & it went from there. #selfcare

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My top 3 programming tips Show more

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the learned helplessness of people who live under capitalism is astounding. I talk about how under capitalism you work or you go homeless & die and she's like "that's just the way things are in the real world"

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I have had more meaningful, positive social interaction on Mastodon in the past week than I have had over SEVERAL YEARS of tumblr.

It's almost like keeping social media properly moderated and focusing on the user experience makes a site less toxic or something! :slime: