til someone made a sequel to blaster master in 2017

til someone made another sequel to that one in 2019

they're retro-styled and have so much of what made the original so good, they're not like blaster master 2 for the sega genesis

til they're both on steam for 7 bucks each

wait you should have read this toot in all caps hyperventilating

"you're not actually gonna hack on your kernel so having the source doesn't help you" is a common argument against copyleft and/or the gpl

i'm not gonna be authoring kernel drivers any time soon, and i don't even understand most of the kernel source code i read, but by having mere access to it i was able to get enough clues to tinker it into working

gpl4lyfe mofos

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... i didn't really want to figure out how to backport the patch and recompile my kernel and/or modules

but by squinting at kernel source code i guessed my way through hex-editing the firmware from its windows driver to maybe fool it into working on my linux box

and it fricken worked :blobcatsurprised:

(idk if it's actually using bluetooth 5 specific features right now but it does at least "work" (pair, send audio, etc.))

i feel like some kind of wizard 😎

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got some headphones that use "bluetooth 5" which is supposed to have better range and a low-energy mode

but the computer has only "bluetooth 4.x" hardware

so i bought a random bluetooth 5 usb dongle based on a review saying "works on my ubuntu" despite manufacturer explicitly stating no linux support

turns out that review was surely a fake

because kernel support was added only 2 months ago and won't be on my machine until linux 5.8 lands in debian repositories


will people in the near future fail to understand why paperclip maximizers are bad because who uses paperclips, when was the last time you needed to clip physical sheets of paper together, when was the last time you even saw a paperclip, nobody is gonna build a paperclip maximizing machine

parenting, body functions 

a 70-line (postgre)sql query that includes aggregate functions, regular expressions with replacement, case statements, jsonb path selectors, arrays, timezones, and count()s with expressions, expeditiously, is apparently something that is within my abilities 😲 😎👍

i could have used subqueries too but i'm not sure yet if that would have made it harder to read

i never imagined a year ago i'd get to sharpen my sql this much this late in my career

ah, got those good "focused hard for the last few hours to work on a puzzling problem and now i can take a breath while my brain cools down" feels

i kind of have an Enigma of Amigara Fault thing going on with the garbage disposal

i've been reminiscing all day about that time i hung out with several nerds for an out-of-town non-nerd event and surprise we all brought computing equipment, "just in case" ❤️

nerd 1: i didn't really have any good reason to pack my laptop for this trip but i did

nerd 2: i've got mine right here

me: mine's back in the airbnb

nerd 3: me too

nerd 4: same

@honkfestival @kingcons @vilmibm

make 'git init' produce repos with an initial branch named 'main' not 'master' 

make 'git init' produce repos with an initial branch named 'main' not 'master' 

hello from behind my OpenWRT-powered TP-Link AC1750 (Archer A7) wifi router!

finally installed the firmware and swapped out my old router

next to set up my funky network topology

feels good to get this task done but that sure took a while

looks like... woah, 5 weeks since the previous toot, to get around to this?

feels like those scifi stories of software people who for whatever reason have their process super deprioritized so a minute inside is a day in meatspace

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are they recurring dreams or is my brain just simulating the feeling of having dreamt that before, so they feel Significant?

dreamt again that i was trying to get home from some kind of conference in Denver but weird sinister dream shit keeps happening every time to hinder me, but this time was different because i got my phone out to toot "help I'm trapped in a recurring dream about being stuck in Denver" and woke up trying to get my infuriating dream phone to stop misspelling shit

so here is that dream toot i guess

ok back to sleep, i hope it's not Denver again

i know it's bad for me and poor time management and i'll be paying for it tomorrow but staying up late into the night getting a purely code-writing task done almost feels wonderful, there's a part of me that just fuckin loves it

the kids are back in daycare and already i have Completed A Task several times at work

feels good man

maybe this time ill try a higher hydration sourdough

i'm feeling more confident maybe this time ill try a bigger loaf

... whoops.

i... made this?

i fuckin made the shit outta this

i am so impressed with myself right now yall

this is going on my resume

homemade sourdough bread attempt #3 and it turned out _so_ well!
✅ soft
✅ moist
✅ good crust
✅ vegan
✅ gentle sourdough flavor
✅ mochi texture on bottom
✅ wife wants me to make more!
✅ cheap

but better than anything else:

✅ it's becoming less tedious to make! no longer 6 hours of constant attention, i'm building intuition, abandoned instructions and measuring tools

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