now that I got CI working on codeberg, I'm ready to proceed with moving Leiningen off github for #giveupgithub

I've opened an issue here to gather feedback from the community; please chime in if you're a Leiningen user and you have thoughts about where to move:

til how to set up a ups (battery) such that when the power drops, my media server performs a normal shutdown to save battery and the wifi router etc. stays running

which should make for a much less stressful transition to working offline, when it happens

also having a ups instead of a surge strip, i hope, will avoid any damage to my computers that a brown-out might cause

the software that talks to the ups is packaged in debian as "nut-client,"

us politics, Supreme Court upcoming cases, 2024 election 

@erosdiscordia Also, it's unrolled and archived here in case people don't like using Twitter:

us politics, Supreme Court upcoming cases, 2024 election 

This is a chilling thread by Thom Hartmann detailing exactly how the 2024 presidential election will be stolen:

It's basically 1/2 the plots that didn't quite work for Trump in 2020, and 1/2 an upcoming decision by a captured, rogue Supreme Court.

Boosts appreciated.

Also, it'll be DeSantis, and he is far worse than Trump.

and there we go, transition to flickr done. goodbye, google photos. painless, once I figured out that the flickr android app has an auto-uploader built in... (wrote some awful python scripts to do the bulk of the import, but I should've just let the app do the work)

rebuild* of evangelion**

* tidying
** my battlestation***

*** my fairly basic office computer desk

rocky iv training montage of me tidying my desk and office


under the impossibly best of circumstances,
say if all of the conservative judges on the us supreme court were to resign immediately,
could the damage they've done with their recent rulings be undone?
by what process?
how long would it take?

do the bros who desecrate the flag by rendering it black-and-white with a blue stripe still get mad when you burn the red-white-and-blue flag

Select all images with
crumbling American infrastructure

pull request to add two wolves inside you and we are not the same to the meme combinator bot

why do i see more exciting events and projects out of a tiny mountain town makerspace on the opposite side of the country than i do out of all other makerspaces including big-city ones

i mean i don't currently follow any other makerspace accounts and maybe they're out there posting photos and such on the daily but to my recollection i've never even seen a boost of one

... extensions.

As useful as GitHub is, it's a proprietary extension to git. Always has been. So is GitLab. They're not as dominant in the market, and provide some FOSS version, but their business is still to hook folks on their extensions.

Gitea is different, and codeberg provides excellent hosting for it. It's one alternative to vendor lock-in.

I'm regularly stunned by how little people pay attention to this kind of thing these days. It almost seems as if folk are seeking to be locked in.

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CodeWhisperer (Copilot) 

Amazon has its own Copilot now:

Putting aside all the other issues with these things, I have a feeling I would enjoy a feature like this as much as I enjoy the suggestion features for word processors and emails they've tried to shove down our throats for a while, which is to say not at all.

a cla that you have to sign declaring that no part of your patch was generated by copilot or amazon's copilot clone

back before i had a way to obtain hundreds of megabytes of those new-fangled mp3 files i got my electronic music fix from MODs

this one was my favorite, listened to it hundreds of times on loop when i was 15.



i know what i'll call the section on my website where i keep my assortment of toot-length code snippets

"weeny constructs"

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