me: wow i loved the murderbot series, i can't wait for the novel in 2020

me: if only there were *more* space opera sci-fi narrated by non-human sentient protagonists, written by women

internet: bro 2013 called and said you need to fuckin read more

this is a pretty interesting interview with #RichardStallman about #FreeSoftware and #politics

and this time he didn't say anything sexist! he's learning!

I recommend reading it, he has some pretty valid points about #surveillance and stuff. There's also some interesting history of #GNU in it.

Datasheet state transition diagram vs alchemic transmutation circle.

How I imagine antenna and radio design works:

You must carefully follow the sacred geometry as handed down by the ancients; a random configuration of metal and frequencies either won't work (if you're lucky), or will attract the attention of eldritch horrors.

How antenna and radio design probably actually works:

The same, but s/eldritch horrors/exasperated and overworked FCC field agents/.

I’m angry that the industry collectively decided that authoring HTML is not the domain of Everyday People anymore.

I need everybody to read this book (and, similarly, "Technically Wrong" and "Weapons of Math Destruction") but unfortunately the people who need to learn about systemic sexism the most are probably the least likely to read something like this.

who has two thumbs and finally read the cask of amontillado wikipedia article so now i can enjoy that meme

Fortunato is stored in the walls.


food: $540
rent: $1320
casks of rare wine: $27,000

please help I'm running out of niches in the cellar

Palaeontologists believe that internal fertilisation evolved around 400 million years ago, so anything this old is literally old as fuck.

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