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A bot that toots MIDI music from geocities. It is literally just that? Wanna listen to MIDI music from geocities? follow it I guess!

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Decided merveilles isn't really for me. Wasn't sure it would be, turns out I don't think it was. I can't take myself as seriously as folks there seem to

question: would anybody actually read it/want me to document my struggles with the official SDK or should I just say "use this one it's better" because that's the truth

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the one good thing facebook ever did: help me find the actually good SDK

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(the solution was to use the linux SDK from github, it's so much better than the official psion SDK - I'm going to document setting it up on my site)

"The internet is not the sole basis upon which you can determine existence. It sounds simple but people are starting to forget. If it doesn't have a website, that doesn't make something low quality. If you can't Google your blind date, that doesn't make them a freak. If one website says something about anything, it's more than likely pure invention and shouldn't be taken seriously. Checking your sources does not mean finding another website that says the same. Fiction is self-perpetuating...

If we truly understand that the internet is shit then maybe we'll go back to looking elsewhere to check our information instead of just Google."

see the blurry laptop in the banner image on this page?
try selecting text on it.

Today, 9front has deleted Python, making the OS eighty megabytes smaller in one commit.

Thanks, Ori!

update on pomodoro: did 4 pomodoros of 25 mins each working on putting cards into anki. Felt like I got a lot done and didn't feel like shit afterwards despite working for like an hour and a half (of actual work time). I'm not sure if this technique is the best but it's certainly better than having no techinque. Only stopped because I started feeling like I actually couldn't work any more lol

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update: asked my mum (who is on facebook) to ask in the facebook psion group about getting a toolchain running and somebody replied with this:
I didn't find this before but it seems to be the solution to all my problems

thinking of trying the pomodoro thing
might help me with studying shit

OK so I can build stuff that works in the emulator with the psion SDK but then copying onto the device it will not run. hmm.
I think what I'm doing here counts as "SDK Archeology"

The most violent element in society is ignorance.
-- Emma Goldman

#anarchism #quote #bot

update update: it is now working as well under wine as it did under XP, that is to say, emulator builds work and hardware builds do not. But still, a step forward! The hardware build problem is likely in my code anyway. Need to try some tests.

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Philosphical trashposting 

Thesis: The Matrix is a trans allegory

Antithesis: The Matrix is just Plato's Allegory of the Cave

Synthesis: Plato's Allegory of the Cave is a trans allegory

update: it just couldn't handle filenames containing spaces (and maybe can only handle 8.3).
so now I have a makefile. This is the start. And this is only in the windows XP VM also. I want to get this going on wine if this works

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current activity: trying to figure out why the fuck my build isn't working in the ancient and weird psion 5mx C++ toolchain so I can try and get it running under wine so I can try and build programs for the psion in C++
I don't even like C++ and I don't even plan to use the psion as any more than a typewriter, why am I doing this

I wrote a python script to map out my personal wiki, and this really doesn't look like a wiki. I blame the fact that for class/lecture notes I have files named for the date of the class all linked off from a subject page.

not sure I'm happy with my personal wiki and note-taking setup. Also not sure why I'm not sure I'm happy with it. It works, I don't run into problems with it too often. I dunno really.

In case anybody who follows me knows, I have a music (psychoacoustics?) question: In this clip, the second and final notes are the same note. But for some reason, they sound like different notes. Anybody know why this is, and how to tell when it's happening so I don't get confused transcribing?

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