I don't have a single scripting language I know that I like
what scripting language should I learn that is better than python (has to run nice on windows)

Just got knocked out in the first round of a pool tournament
I feel like thinking I was ever OK at pool was a joke
Although tbh it was in a random bracket against somebody I suspect was a university-level player and I’m like, an advanced newbie

like, don't get me wrong, smartphones as they exist now are A Problem for a lot of people, and A Problem for the environment. There are many changes that need to be made to smartphones to make them actually good

but as a user, having a pocket-sized internet computer? very very convenient and useful especially in a world that assumes you have one.
That last part might be the main part tbh. In a world where smartphones aren't assumed, I think I'd be happier without one

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having a smartphone is actually really useful and I don't hate it
I am surprised how much I don't dislike my iphone

I'd rather it be completely free but I'd have to pay my app store fees somehow

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looking for an alarm clock app which has some additional requirements to turn off the alarm (going somewhere else, doing a puzzle etc) to try and get over my snoozing issue, and they're ALL either tracking stuff or have bullshit subscription models, or both

I feel like there is a market for no-BS iOS apps. Just a couple bucks upfront and that's it. No ads, no tracking, no subscriptions, just a fucking alarm clock.

got a lecture at 9am tomorrow on the second campus that's a not insignificant walk away...not sure I'm happy about this

First induction lecture at uni today and already succeeded at getting a blahaj on a lecturer's slide

obsidian mobile app frustration: it can only access vault using paid obsidian sync or in icloud. no other option, no option to use a local vault through files, nothing

trying out obsidian
it feels pretty great so far
more reports as events warrant

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case in point: deleting all notes with a given tag requires writing javascript

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tiddlywiki is starting to feel....weirdly arcane?
it's got so much flexibility but also doing some stuff I want to do is overcomplicated because of how it thinks of things
I want to try joplin or standard notes or smth. They use electron but that's no worse than tiddlywiki's browser-based approach

I lost my laptop on a bus. Honest dumb mistake. But it had all my stuff on it, some of which I don’t have backups of because it’s so new, and some of which is sensitive. Really starting to see the appeal of the remote-lock-your-device-from-the-cloud thing. Because yes I was too stupid to set up full disk encryption.

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feel like adding a beer tasting log to my site
because I like sharing my beer opinions but I never have enough to fill a whole post and I don't think masto wants that

just installed powertoys and wow this should just have been in windows from the start

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