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Latest draft of base 20 numeral system for Ngëh language. Feedback welcome.

us pol 

don't sit out tomorrows elections. vote tomorrow, if you haven't already.

no matter what issues you care about most, statewide races make a big impact: climate policy, reproductive rights, and criminal justice reform, to name a few.

shoutcast tv is no more, but I searched the icecast directory and there are still NSV streams. Like this thing:

open with vlc player as a network stream.

I am playing it right now and there's this low poly second life lady in hot pants dancing to techno music. it's been like this for the last half hour. why does this exist?!?!?!

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who remembers shoutcast tv?

who remembers watching bootleg anime on shoutcast tv?

or that channel that streamed non-stop amiga demos? or the one with the canadian survivalist dude (what was up with that?)


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time to recreate the entire smiths discography so that ppl can listen to the smiths but not morrissey

video is done after more than a year in the making. i am in total relief, like how it feels when you've finally thrown up the food that was making you nauseous all day.

new conlang. a priori personal language with goal of being plausibly naturalistic. no grammar or morphology yet, very few words at this time. feedback welcome.


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