Bagels are my religion. I mean this sincerely.

If nobody objects, I'm going to start mixing down the tilde town project later this month.

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the orange site 

An article demands an end to 'insight porn'. Realizing that this would mean the end of Hacker News itself, half of HN defiantly justify insight porn with pithy excuses such as "luck favors the prepared" and "it's all about discipline". The other half of HN repeats points from the article, without adding anything new.

use this hashtag to help crowdsource an n-gate replacement

the orange site 

study finds that people who reject the scientific consensus are overconfident ignoramuses. HN thinks it knows better, and rejects the findings of said study.

PS - since webshit weekly never updates anymore, we should all crowdsource HN sneering. the nerds aren't being bullied enough. i vote as a hashtag

BTW, finding a VHS rip of "Canadian Artists and the Telidon" is like my holy grail. but afaik there are no rips, and the vhs copies are only in canadian libraries and shit. hopin someone finds a copy some day and puts it on

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i posted about telidon / naplps a while back, and even got an old naplps editor to work. made some samples of that here:

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please keep the internet looking nice. watch what you post. except cats - the internet could always use more cats.

criticize my code. but don't use it yet. haven't picked a license. working on a foss "library" of dumb functions like this.

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this glorious performance is a testament to what humanity is capable of.

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