damn midori browser has gotten smoother over the years! the adblock thing it comes with doesn't seem to block adds, but this uses way less memory than firefox lol

just downloaded an html 2.0 and 3.2 reference for offline use, and i'm stuck between which one i wanna use for this ridiculously unsafe static website generator i'm using in C lmao

well this is pretty much the game just need to make an obstacle course to climb

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if i had to name this theme, i'd name it "garden diarrhea". diarrhea coming from how the code looks lmao: m455.casa/css-test.html

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Let's talk about civilizational healing, balancing ecology, development, nation-to-nation equity, and more! youtu.be/bohLmz9EwBE

lewd?; farts; NFTs 

My ass produces less methane than an nft

I bought "the subtle art of not giving a fuck" hopefully it'll be a fun short read

I like shitting on blockchain and proof of work stuff because I have no clue how it works, i just shit on it because some of my computing idols (programmer friends) hate on it and say it's bad for the environment lmao

*sips coffee cup* don't change my mind

anyone know if there is a way to support getting vim plugins for vim-plug over dumb http?

i don't really need git-daemon to enable the git protocol, but have enabled solely so vim-plugins can be fetched from my cgit haha.

if there's a way to specific a different thing in .vimrc to download over dumb http that would be super awesome!

Which Firefox forks are actually decent to use on the current Web (reasonably up-to-date on standards support, filters tracking stuff or supports extensions that can, not dangerously behind on security patches, etc.)?

Please consider replying with your reasons.

What if I just have a shitty mail server without dkim or any of those things that stop mail from it from going into spam, where I just post a "btw this shit will 100% go to spam, so just mark it as not spam and tell your email client to move it to the inbox if it's from \@m455.casa

I'm a make-my-website-so-ugly-that-web-dev-contractors-will-contact-me-about-how-to-make-my-website-look-more-professional type of guy

roguelite game: look i made a level!

dwarf fortress: thats cute, while you were doing that i generated 1000 years of historical lore

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