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I wanna make some decentralized thing with friends over tcp

dish-washing thoughts: just realized farts are basically the same concept of finger snapping

i am tired, but in the mood for shit posting, but cant think of anything, so here's a post

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makebakery, my static site generator (formerly known as m4-bakery) has had a spike of recent improvements!

Among other things,
- bumped the demonstration site to use bootstrap 5.0.0
- improved module docs and several demo-site pages
- new modules enabling:
-- `make serve` to stand up a local webserver for previewing changes
-- `make watch` for automatically running make when source files change
-- `make gh-pages` for deploying your static site to github

With a bit more work I might even tag a commit with a first release number and start a changelog!


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If you care about Thunderbird and OpenPGP, I invite you to read my new blog post "Thunderbird, RNP, and the Importance of a Good API", my message to the TB planning mailing list "Let's Use GPL Libraries in Thunderbird!" and voice your opinion on the Thunderbird planning mailing list. #pgp #thunderbird sequoia-pgp.org/blog/2021/05/0

totally gonna start using comic mono at work for my text editor

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Jeri Ellsworth, augmented reality visionary, self-made electronics hacker and Queen of Makers, will deliver a keynote at #Akademy2021.


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i should write an html 2.0 website generator in posix c89

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