might starting using pidgin again just cause i love the aesthetics and that you can apt install the pidgin-gnome-keyring or whatever the package is on debian to encrypt my signin details lol

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Only half an hour left for the TinyNES crowdfunding campaign! :O :O :O crowdsupply.com/tall-dog-elect

Can we break 300%?!

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just look at this, I love it for some reason. I think the fact that I can just close the playlist and the music player becomes a super convenient desktop widget thing for controlling music playback is awesome

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RT @GalacticFurball
▶️ Kind reminder that anti-fascism, vaccinations, LGBTQ rights, black lives matter, and ACAB are not politics.

They are humans fighting for their right to exist.

And all you "im just here for the retro computing" folks can kindly piss off. I'm a human first and foremost. twitter.com/thejanbeta/status/

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"Zoom Escaper is a tool to help you escape Zoom meetings and other videoconferencing scenarios.

It allows you to self-sabotage your audio stream, making your presence unbearable to others."

Zoom Escaper

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yayyy i had fun adding color support to my pasting tool in chicken scheme:


i added an option in the config to disable coloring too! so that was fun!

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sticker flogging :blobcattoot: 

Hello Beloveds, it's #StickerSaturday and I totally forgot to raise my prices so I'll do that in like a couple weeks instead. I'm great at Business :blobcatbusiness:

Nothing new, same old #trans and #neuroqueer #stickers but here they are again anyway! Meanwhile I am definitely functioning and designing new ones. Ok bye!


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when i was in middle school i read this blog called "it's raining noodles" and she had her twitter embedded on the side. twitter was Very New at that time and i find it delightful that my vague memory of its UI is only minorly different from status.cafe/

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pond water and moss update. plants grew; compare them to the first post in this thread. added a cicada exuvia to the tallest moss.

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I would take this in a hot second, but I've already got a full-time gig. In a world with different outcomes, I would've been hiring this position.

So... I want an ally in there, for reasons... if any of you are available for this, and feel you could do it, I will do everything in my power to get you an advantage.

I want a townie, or a friend of the town, to be the one doing this.


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GreenFediverse is a project to list Fedi instances that use environmentally friendlier energy sources for their hosting. You can follow at:

➡️ @greenfediverse

The list is currently available at greenfediverse.frama.io/green-

The project is looking for help with coding, you can contribute at framagit.org/greenfediverse or codeberg.org/GreenFediverse

#GreenFediverse #Fediverse #Fedi #Instances #Environment #Green #NGOs #Sustainability #Sustainable #RenewableEnergy #Energy #Renewables #SolarPunk #Hosting

so last night i shovelled to the middle of the road to avoid the snow plow from pushing snow back in front of our driveway but... still didnt work lmao

the ice chunks are the worst because they kill your back lol

@insom and @marcus know what im on about lol

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posts should have a degree of separation limit, like ok my follower's followers can see this but that's it

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