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So Chrome's way to compete with Firefox's tracking protection Is to make the settings look the same but Instead of actually blocking trackers you just send more data to Google. Read the small print. You can't tell me that Google didn't try to trick people with this settings page.

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I've been playing with childhurds in #Guix (👍 @janneke!) but of course, I'd only test it in 'guix system vm'.

So we have #GNU #Hurd in a box, in #Guix in a box, on top of #Guix System. Turtles all the way down...

(Pictured: vncviewer and SSH client connected to the #childhurd.)

@technomancy @jakob

okay, i redid them in inkscape from scratch. here's two versions. i personally like the smol version as opposed to the football-head version haha

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everyone uses duolingo, but there's also a free and more open couse for learning to speak, if not spell, languages!


it's a welsh thing, it started as a welsh course only (i can confirm it's very good!) but they now offer #welsh, #manx, #cornish, #spanish, #dutch and #latin!! which is pretty neat, right?


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The Spritely Project aims to create a next generation of Fediverse networks and services. You can follow at:

➡️ @spritelyproject

The official website is at spritelyproject.org

Spritely is run by Christopher Lemmer Webber, one of the authors of the ActivityPub standard that the current Fediverse runs on. You can follow at:

➡️ @cwebber

#Spritely #Fediverse #ActivityPub #Federation #Software #Development #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #SocialNetworks #SocialMedia

yep, looks slightly better with less of a gradient. without the gradient it looks *too* plain

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in a very fennel-programming mood. attempted a cute depiction of a fennel using a random svg drawing website lol. might reduce the gradiate shading on the face? lol

Real talk, I wanna make some shit in Hy lang just because its mascot is cute af

Heck yes, we've been avoiding buying those plastic vegetable bags, and just things in plastic wrap/trays in general for a while now! It feels good

slightly cursed - emacs, vim, theme 

i'm not trying to be a minimalist prick or one of those "i think that's bad for programmers" type of deals, but does anyone else not use those autocomplete/suggestions when typing out a programming function or variable or whatever?

i find it super distracting for my brainnn.

wondering if anyone else finds it distracting out of curiosity

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Just finished cleaning the house and having lunch. I was about to try and add a major feature to a project me and my friend are working on, and got distracted and made little emacs theme, and then wanted to see if rendered in lynx nicely.

Turns out gitweb looks pretty much the same as it does on a GUI web browser *and* it takes up roughly 240mb less RAM than gitea haha!

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Arguably we pay to those projects by spending time doing things like editing and writing Wikipedia, creating commons for Archive, replying to questions in #Debian or helping to find and fix bugs in apps etc.

Yes, they also need some money for server costs etc, please donate if you have the money, but it’s not as if those orgs are gonna put all of us volunteers (which could include you♥) on a payroll any day soon.

Let’s be careful so we don’t turn commons culture into a pyramid scheme where all the money goes to Linus and Jimmy while there are thousands of people that are collectively doing a lot of the labor and getting zilch.

I made some really shitty documentation (mostly just scratchy notes), mostly for myself, on how to setup gitweb on nginx using Ubuntu 20.04 if anyone has been struggling with it:


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Handibox is an accessibility tool that will allow Human-Computer interaction with people who have some degree of motor disability. Through #Handibox, users can carry out elementary activities such as using the Internet, writing emails, and more!

The team, Alejandro, Fabio, and Matias, seeks to integrate with other #accessibility applications in GNOME and are looking for guidance from the accessibility team. They also need community help precompiling libraries like dlib. #GNOMEChallenge

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