No animals were harmed in the making of this toot; however, some electrons were mildly inconvenienced.

I just finished a self-hosted, single-tenant pastebin/file server. I wanted something that: could set the name of the hosted files, was password protected, could upload via curl or web UI, and was easy to deploy on a kubernetes cluster. May I present: devnull

(cc @signal9)

Next time you need to know the weather forcast, try: `curl`

I'd appreciate anyone giving this GitHub issue (around adding pronouns to the JSON resume spec) a thumbs up or boosting this toot. <3

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May I present for your consideration: a family of bulldozers.

Step-by-step guide to making a warm air fan for your cats to enjoy.

Step 1) install funtoo on a laptop
Step 2) `emerge chromium`

Funtoo's analogy for their community is a wolfpack and I'm kinda enamoured by it.

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please stop making fun of:
- people's faces or facial expressions
- people's educations
- people's "intelligence"
- people's speech
- people's bodies or body parts

even if the person you're making fun of is a bad person, you no doubt have friends or will have friends for whom those things are true, and who are worried you think the same things about you.

want to make fun of a lib or a fascist? try this instead:
- make fun of them for being a lib or fascist
- highlight ways they obviously don't believe their own ideology
- throw a dairy-free milkshake on them

I'm planning a trip to Indianapolis next week to see my folks. Whenever I travel alone, I try to take transit. The problem is: there is currently no way to get across the Windsor (Canada) / Detroit (US) boarder unless you're driving a car. The Via train stops at Windsor, the bus is closed due to COVID, the ferry only takes trucks, and there's no foot bridge.

If you happen live near Detroit or Widsor and have some tips, please let me know.

I experienced some downtime on some of the services I self host, so I made a simple uptime monitor that emails me when the site goes down.

Robin Sloan has made a pretty neat web client for Spring '83 (with a bonus RSS aggregator.)

back everybody I'm threads with working Stand!

Found this little gem to colour your tmux session "randomly" based on a hash of the the hostname. It helps me grab the right terminal when I have too many shell sessions going on.

Also, how they're embedding a shell script in their tmux config is a nice bit of jiggery-pokery.

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