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Unix will give you enough rope to shoot yourself in the foot. If you didn’t think rope would do that, you should have read the man page.

so hey, i'm going to XOXO next week so that's pretty exciting

I don't usually do resolutions but maybe an aspiration: in this year I want to work on making tech benefit the everyday lives of older people more. There is so much shiny crap we make for younger folks (most of which is a clone of an already existing, already useless thing). The economical misjudgement of "best way to make money is from young ppl" is wrong and there are many opportunities out there to build honest things for ppl later in life (and not just TV-shop bullshit)

I'm sitting next to a guy and a girl on a date in this coffee place and the guy is so not paying attention and it's so awkward for him it's awkward for me 🙈

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Me (wearing trenchcoat, knocks on door in dark alleyway): A... woo?

Hooded figure: Awoo. What must Gargamel fix?

Me: The, uh, the emojos.

Figure: For whom doth the coyote rotate?

Me: For the one who hovers above the icon, and no other.

Figure: Gopherspace is full of...?

Me: Phlogs, and the Spectrum is aesthetic.

Figure: Welcome, traveller. Thou mayest enter this lodge.

Sometimes late nights bring unexpected realizations. Tonight it’s one of those nights. Have a good night everyone 😊

A fork of htop with CPU frequency and temperature meters:

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Someone is trying to complete the captcha on a website, but just can't seem to complete it. Slowly he starts to realize that he's a robot.
#writingprompts #writing

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Will share my Patreon update not to ask for money but to remind people that Internet services do not run themselves:

And that's fine! The way that we consume enormous free-or-cheap services from the Internet giants makes us forget that there are people (and a lot of robots 💪) behind the scenes making everything work.

Eat slow food. Shop local. Socialise in a distributed manner. Say "thanks" to the bus drivers and "hi" to your admins. Compute freely.

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PSA for people who #code:

Looking stuff up does NOT make you bad at coding.

"Not having to look up stuff" is NOT the benchmark for a good coder, especially as coders have to look up stuff ALL THE TIME!

And I don't mean highly advanced stuff, but stuff like "How does division work again?" or "What's that function called?" or my personal favorite "How to I nest for loops in list comprehensions?".

It's ok if you have to look up stuff!

#coding #adventofcode

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what if the real server was the friends we made along the way?

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If anyone knows of any dev jobs coming up for someone interested in getting their start, let me know. I really want to become a developer but am struggling to get my foot in the door.

here is my github:

I just realised I already have woman in hijab and person in lotus position! 🧕🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️
Que relevant 99pi:

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