If guaranteed minimum income and universal healthcare were a thing, I think so many of my programmer colleagues would immediately take low-income sabbaticals to write high-quality good-ui users-first free and open source software that it would inspire tedious "how was it possible?!?" medium dot com thinkpieces for years and years

@datagrok yeah; i'd likely never go back to employment.

@datagrok You know, my dream was always to research and invent something that could help people or at least just be cool.
Instead of this I have to get up, haul my ass for two hours to work, sit a day and haul two hours back just to get my cut so I don't starve this month.

@drequivalent there are sooo many of us in the same situation. the resulting research and inventions and collaborative feats of engineering if we could work on what inspired us to do this in the first place would blow people's miiiinds

@datagrok Absolutely. And in all areas, nit just tech and UI design.

@datagrok the programming work I'm most proud of is a game I wrote while living in Thailand (low cost of living; effectively free healthcare) in between volunteering for various NGOs.

@technomancy that sounds amazing. is that bussard? cardinality? have you blogged about the experience?

also, great work on the Atreus :D

@datagrok Thanks; yeah I was thinking of Bussard. I've blogged about bits and pieces from a technical perspective, but I have had a hard time putting the words together for a general overview.


Personally, I'm all for a guaranteed minimum income and universal healthcare. But then I don't work in healthcare, because if I did, I wouldn't be able to take a sabbatical and do fun stuff because I'd have to go out and help other people. Even if I didn't feel like it.

@datagrok yup, I would totally do that. throw in a little consulting to stay aware of reality (and some toys), and I'd be delighted.

@bug same! the rts and favs on this are blowing up my notifications. there's so many of us ❤️

@datagrok I want to believe that is true so hard, but I think there's a lot more to getting people to make those choices than just the material feasibility

@datagrok @lifning yeah. It's why I quit programming for money and work as a software tester part-time. Unfortunately, I don't know how many employers would tolerate part-timers, which is a real shame

@datagrok From personal experience, it's easy to have a list of projects you would start if only you didn't have to sell your time. I could have started any of them long before I took a year off. But it would have allowed for possible failure, shattering the fantasy of my noble self-image. The real work started after throwing out my original TODO list. In my past I wrote a piece of FLOSS that became popular. I was only able to write it because I had tiny goals and wanted to use it myself.

@datagrok It's kind of scary when I think about the amount of projects I had to pass on because work just eats so much of my time and energy away.

@datagrok Yes, I think an UBI (Universal Basic Income) would do just that. Not only for programmers but for society overall.

An interesting concept would also be to get paid by LOC. Not sure how that would work though and som LOC is more important than other LOC. Which means as long as the LOC you have put in is used it will give micropayment/influence for what that software do and what it is making. Some kind of "share" based programming or how to call it.

@datagrok I suspect that's part of the reason it won't happen. Big employers don't want to have to compete with that. They already hate how much open source people crank out while in school.

@datagrok I’ve read this exact same thought elsewhere within this last year. Maybe even before the election, actually. It’s a real idea that people have and it would change the world for the better in so many ways

@datagrok it’s true. Technical innovation would skyrocket.

@datagrok I would *totally* take more time to write open-source software.

I mean, I already do it working full time.

@datagrok In a way I'm doing exactly that, but I'm not waiting for UBI to materialise. and I wouldn't touch Medium with a barge pole.


@datagrok I can personally think of three off the top of my head who would, just among my own friends.

@datagrok this is exactly what I wish I could do (not to mention my day job is the kind where the industry would benefit from having more employees willing to work seasonally)

LB: I tooted that a year ago, and even back then with fewer followers and a smaller network it got tons of boosts and like 20 people took the time to reply "heck yeah me too"

I still think about that. Feels so good. Tons of us want to make high quality free software for real people, and all it would take is for this one system that holds us all back to get out of our way. I think all of tech and software would radically change.


We'd need a way to reward free software development with money

@catonano @datagrok

We need ways to *fund* free software development with money (rewards after the fact don't matter much). And the point being that a universal basic income and healthcare etc. would make it easy for free software developers to get by with much less tying of money to their development work.

In the mean time, I and others are working on #Snowdrift.coop @snowdrift still to try to create a better way to fund free software and more…

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