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@audiodude meditation was a large part of the therapy that helped me narrowly avoid failing out of university a decade ago -- I'd be better off these days if I had kept up the habit. IDK about the SF Zen Center but meditation is good.

I made a partial map of the starbound tilde.town ziggurat-in-progress but it is uh

20565x10000 px
a 26M .png file

big ziggurat is big

Here it is at 1/10 scale, reduced to 32 colors tiny.tilde.website/media/LSbay

Just watched the 'Lisp Machine' talk from #LibrePlanet that @cwebber gave. Very cool stuff.

I knew about RMS's beef with Symbolics in the depths of pre #GNU history but was ignorant of the Lisp machines themselves and how they functioned.

Lisp consistently sounds like everything ive always wanted from a programming language. Will probably try and redouble my efforts to get descent with #Scheme.



WaPo: "Leaving town at rush hour? Here’s how far you’re likely to get from America’s largest cities."

I cannot help but think this is code for "if you think a nuke is inbound, here's how far you might get from ground zero..."


Hey @insom when I try to use mastodon-bridge.herokuapp.com with my tiny.tilde.website account, it results in a "something went wrong, please check the logs" error message. Which is totally unhelpful, I know, because their app has the logs and not you. Just curious if this was a known issue already.

@m455 well just a sec, I wouldn't criticize you (too hard) if you did try it out.

I just wanted to give you a heads up if you have the same sort of feeling about that stuff that I do. Cheers

@m455 CEO of Brave is Brendan Eich, who unapologetically opposed same-sex marriage while he was at Mozilla. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brendan_

People disagree about this, but I don't feel good implicitly supporting him by using his product, even if it were good technology.

But I heard its ad-blocking feature will, sometime in the future, replace ads with their own ads?

I think we're better off using non-profit tools like Firefox with Privacy Badger eff.org/privacybadger

@vilmibm the border of ziggurat/west has been excavated down to bedrock and connected to the central mineshaft

@vilmibm would it not be easier to build directly up to establish a zenith, then build diagonally downward from there?

Me: this project is dead simple: a little webhook endpoint, connected to a message queue and some workers.

Boss: no queue. this needs to be done fast and that's too complicated.

M: I should perform the long-running process in the request/response loop!?

B: No, write jobs to a flat text file

M: ?! But then I have to manage concurrency

B: No, few users, just assume races won't happen. We'll revisit in a month

🤔 If this gets out with my name still on it I'll never get hired again

@cwebber i have to accept the reality that i probably won't have the time to study this stuff seriously for 5-10 years at least, so i'm living vicariously through your toots. moar pls

_Schild's Ladder_ describes how post-humans who exist as software might express love:

"[the same way] the embodied do. Give gifts. Show affection. Be attentive."
"What kind of gifts?"
"Art. Music. Theorems."
"Original theorems?"
"If you're serious."

This stuck in my brain. I think it's just beautiful.

So recently some of my cyber friends presented another with an original crypto-currency system as a birthday gift and I was just tiny.tilde.website/media/mhXqD

I've said many times before that the tragically little-known program 'aptitude' is Debian's killer app. It alone is the reason I didn't take a second look at RedHat for 15 years.

One of its features is an easy way to browse the "suggested packages" for other packages.

That's how TIL "molly-guard" and "monkeysphere", looks interesting/useful


prospective employers: this knowledge is a new, permanent tool in my skill-set, i am storage expert now, give me raises

also: I want to write a document describing the few tricky parts involved, but I probably won't have time soon. If you're interested in this setup, AMA before it all leaks out of my brain

I'm pretty happy with this. Lots of reasons.
- the knowledge that free software enables all of it, for anyone, where most for-profit "products" and proprietary platforms would say, at best, "we don't support that particular configuration"
- I can gradually expand my storage pool a drive at a time, even using scavenged hardware, not a fleet of drives at a time ($$$) as required by e.g. ZFS
- upgrading the system = roll a new USB stick, plug it in, reboot

latest tinkering on my home fileserver:

- mishmash of differently-sized partitions & spinny-disk drives glommed together w/LVM
- main storage on big LV that does mirroring (and is smart enough to keep the redundant bits on different physical drives)
- LVM scrubbing and SMART scans, so bad sectors get relocated before they ruin data
- drives spin down on idle = less heat, electricity, $
- 🆕 root in a LV in separate VG, *on a USB stick* so simple ssh sessions don't wake the archive platters 😎

@hisham_hm @cwebber i'm also excited for the episode where he's befuddled by a small flaw in a mathematical operation until

he sees the sign
and it opens up his mind
and he is happy then
running without it
upon exit: status 000