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MadWorld, a 2009 video game for the Nintendo Wii, was a shallow fetishization of violence, so I wish that more and better games employed its unique "black and white comic book" cel-shading rendering technique. (Pls reply if you know any examples.) tiny.tilde.website/media/Us4Xn tiny.tilde.website/media/tU7rv tiny.tilde.website/media/hi8yb

I love the extreme-contrast aesthetic of highly detailed pen-and-ink artwork, especially with dystopian, sci-fi, cyberpunk themes.

So how is it that I haven't grown up collecting boxes and boxes of manga and comic books?

besides the fact that comics collecting was too expensive a hobby for me back then.

actually that's probably why.

i should put more art on the walls.

it's not a smoothie it's a salad milkshake

Here's a cool thing: I deleted my FB account some while back (which really just means I suspended it). And now I'm getting not just emails ("reactivate your account with one click!") but fricken TEXTS with that link. No opt-out, either.

So yeah, turns out someone trying to log into your dead account... reanimates it. :rage:

Fun fact: the style of #brutalism has almost nothing to do with the English word "brutal". It's from Le Corbusier's "béton brut" - "raw concrete".

in b4 "hi <i should set up a new pseudonym first>, i'm dad"

Sometimes I think about doing an # introductions post but then I get sucked into a mopey cloud and give up

Hi, I'm <i should set up a new pseudonym first>. I am a <my gender and preferences are cis/heteronormative and I'm very off the market so nobody should care>. My title is <you are not your job, titles are dumb> at <why would i associate myself with my current employer> where i do <the great feeling that got me into this is suffocated by industry, capitalism, and tech bros (just like me)>.

mastodon is actually so much better than twitter fuck twitter

soldering is pretty fascinating

what other crafts requires a well-honed intuition for the complex behavior of a material as the artist, through tools, manipulates it to rapidly undergo multiple phase transitions? i can think of only glass-blowing and ice sculpture

Seems like there's a double standard- advertisers and governments tracking people is the new normal, but individuals building databases of actors to be wary of online is creepy, tin-foil-hat-y, too-much-time-on-your-hands-y

Similar feelings about adtech and surveillance. That giant corporations profile and track us in huge databases is a terrible threat.

But the technology itself could be put to good use:

Why don't individuals have the same powerful tools for building databases of corporations, tracking their name changes and marketing tactics, so we don't collectively forget their misdeeds?

Why can't we have the technology to collaboratively profile and correlate malicious actors in social networks?

"I will never suffer these living conditions again" checklist:
✅ no surprise "cleanliness inspections"
✅ no semiannual indoor flying termite cloud
✅ no upstairs neighbors flooding my sink and/or light fixtures with sewage
✅ my own laundry machine (such luxury)
✅ garage for hobbies and storage (living like a king now)
❌ 🆕 in a municipality where i don't bolt awake to a game of "was that fireworks or gunshots?" every damn week

I withdraw my previously enthusiastic support for Frank Mentzer's Empyrea crowdfunding campaign. #RPG #Roleplaying #DnD #Sexism #Misogyny


Top left: stock pro micro, destroyed by my hubris

Top right: replacement pro micro, not working for unknown reasons

Bottom center: workaround: spare Arduino Leonardo I had around

With this, my Mitosis wireless keyboard build is working again! 🎉

The transition from
"I should just give up" to
"No way will this will work" to
"I am astounded this works" to
"It wasn't that hard after all, maybe I am okay at this"
feels pretty great 😎


Many in my timeline disparage "algorithms," maybe in response to Silicon Valley surveillance capitalists using the word to excuse and distance themselves from the biases (and worse) in their systems.

I think it's important to remember that it's not the mere use of algorithms that's bad, but the fact that they are proprietary.

Because wow I would love some AGPL'd algorithms to help me filter and organize my media that I can control, modify, toggle on/off, and keep marketers far away from.

wait if you identify as a device that moves fluids by mechanical action, are you pumpkin??

Today's goals:

- Figure out why these cheap 3.3v pro micro clones only half-work

- Make a different board I own talk to the Mitosis receiver (Leonardo Arduino or Teensy2.0, both using same chip as pro micro)

- Make the nRF51822 module spit debug info to show it's at least working


- None of the above 😩

- Learned how to use Arduino as clock source to unbrick 1 of 2 old atmel chips

- Learned attiny48 is somehow not supported by avrdude

roses are red
violets are blue
in surveillance capitalism
poem reads you

and shows you ads
for flower shops
and tracks your clicks
and never stops

it cares not about
if privacy's harmed
the money is green
when people are farmed

twitter is cyan
facebook is blue
your friends are the product
and so are you