Someone I work with wrote this guide to ANSI escape codes and it is good and on-brand for making little terminal things which are nice:

made my first [code] pull request to an open-source project where i don’t know any of the authors/maintainers: i hooope it gets merrrged.

in san francisco for a bit. recommendations welcome.


the kind of thing i wish we had at work, but also am glad we don't because we have tool bloat already imo. 😪

angry handmaid’s tale s2 rant Show more

imagine if instead of streaming video, YouTube hollowed out humans into actual tubes?

authenticating new devices on keybase feels so magical. i wish all 2fa was so fun.

i made a list of the best thirty movies i watched (for the first time) in 2018!

i am attempting to find a new place to live but the whole process is pretty shitty and it’s amazing to me that anyone has a place to live, really

“be the diorama you want to take a selfie with,” a talk/blog post by aaron strape cope about museum design in our contemporary world, people who visit museums, airports, and so on.

for frederick wiseman fans/people who are interested in documentary filmmaking/people who consider themselves writers: you may be interested in this recent interview with frederick wiseman:

it touches on poetry, documentary vs. fiction filmmaking, shooting non-actors, and turning raw footage video/audio into a nice movie-experience.

Hey, qualitative researchers! Try out the first release of this *FREE* and *OPEN SOURCE* qualitative research tool, Taguette!

This is the first ever release of Taguette and dev is ongoing. You can read more: & look at the roadmap:

Installers for macOS and Windows are here: and so are installation instructions for folks on Linux!

i’ve been attending antimatter media arts festival this week and i want to share some highlights with y’all after processing some of the films i’ve seen some more. but what i can say right now is: support your community arts/weirdo organizations. antimatter admissions are always by donation, and i don’t know how they can afford to do that.

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