it’s the thirteen month anniversary of my weird ep, _No longer there_. it is really funny midicore music if you’re in the mood for a gentle laugh.

complaining about nix and computers 

nix is pretty cool but then at some point you have to write a derivation for some Kinda Bad Hobbyist Software that hard-codes Qt build target paths. and because you have never built Qt software before, you have to read A LOT to figure out that the actual solution is to fork the not-really-maintained software and change a tiny string, which you don’t really wanna do but okay.

@piusbird @dozens just finished episode 4 of tilde whirl and it was splendid. thank you both for having a chat together.

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'manl' where you have to guess the linux utility given random lines from it's man page

backseat shelling over text message with your loved ones

i’m in the stage of my life where i am writing my own static site generator.

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@nihilazo @dozens enjoyed tilde whirl episode 3 very much. thank you both!

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i’ve mostly replaced all my vim configuration in kakoune. there’s just one thing i’d very much like to recreate: vim-projectionist.

i’ve decided to make an editor-agnostic commandline interface to interact with projection files. and use it as an opportunity to learn a new language. go seemed like a reasonable thing to learn for modern CLIs, so that’s what i’ve started with.

doing this again. hi. i am a semi-curious but mostly uninteresting person who likes learning a little bit about a lot of stuff. i am relearning how to write and record music. i do software development (ruby, rails) for a living and enjoy it as a hobby, too, when i have the energy. i built about half of the furniture in my house with the help of friends and youtube. ama!

i’ve been using kakoune as my main text editor for two months. today i finally reached the point where i completely replaced vim and feel content. i even deleted all my daily driver vim config from my dotfiles.

@dozens @m455 excited to listen to tilde whirl episode 2. i am specifically itching for reason(s) behind the hanif abdurraqib link in the show notes !!!


weird when signal tells you that your dead friend is now on signal

installed alpine on my laptop and i can’t close/open the lid without it rebooting. :blobsad:

i added an acpi “lid” script but it doesn’t seem to care. :blobsad:

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