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Travis Briggs

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But I probably don't want anyone to read my poetry actually, because I imagine it reflects poorly on me

i love when you hover over a thing in a badly designed piece of software and then a tooltip pops up but then the tooltip blocks the thing you were hovering over and then it disappears, and keeps doing that over and over again

Boring bus ride to work. Posting on all three of my Mastodon identities.

I guess it's more like 'mhv' than 'mff'.

I just realized that when I 'pronounce' the command 'mv' in my head, I omit the vowel. So I think of it more like "Okay mff the file from /etc/ to home" instead of "Okay move the file..."

Those days when the caffeine kicks in real good like 🎆

If you're feeling shit, here's a nice little chart of self care questions to ask yourself. It doesn't apply to everyone, but I would say that at least half of the advice is helpful.

I never know what to do when people get suicidal on IRC. :(

There are two things I wish I did on a more regular basis. The first is and the second is contributing to Wikipedia/Wikimedia.

Of course, this is another situation, on both fronts, where I feel like as a white cis male I should just STFU.

She was even telling me that I didn't have to come this time, and I almost believed her. Almost.

My wife Abby is actually super brave and tough. She makes all of these ER visits seem pretty routine, which is a nice relief.

I'm in the ER with my wife. She's the patient. The ER has a lot of boring waiting while you're there. Luckily I have my laptop with Ableton and Reason. Unluckily, I didn't bring headphones...

Hey is there a good way to mock objects in Rust? How should I unit test stuff that’s tightly coupled to hardware APIs?

Based on how lame that toot was, I decided to grow up and write the blurb for Incubus, so they're now immortalized on the site.

ICYMI, I have a website where i try to list the best albums in the universe. It is, appropriately, located at -- I'm thinking of adding Light Grenades by Incubus, but I'm having a hard time writing the blurb.

I haven't been on mastodon lately, but don't worry, I haven't been using birdsite either so there's that.

A woman just cut the boba line like a boss

Last night I dreamed that the Falcon Heavy was downloading dependencies during the second stage of its launch, because the weight all those dependencies would have caused it to need a lot more fuel to make it up if they had loaded them up on the launchpad.

What software or online tools would you recommend for map making at both the city and region level (not quite at dungeons yet)?

Okay, so let's say our adventurers are sent by the King to explore the desert. How do they end up finding things out there? Do I just let them stumble upon things? Is there a map? Some combination of those two things? Something else?