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But I probably don't want anyone to read my poetry actually, because I imagine it reflects poorly on me

(Boosts appreciated!)
Hey artists! I'm looking to hire someone for cover art for an upcoming TTRPG. It involves anthropomorphic dice adventurers.

If interested, reply with portfolio/examples of your work, and we'll go from there.

Okay I've got 7 "We've updated our Privacy Policy" emails in a row in my inbox. Who can top that?

Here's something. I've compiled a list of THE best albums in the universe. Well a partial list. It's at:

My bus is stuck in traffic and I'm posting to masto to keep myself distracted from that fact. But I'm posting about that fact, thus drawing my attention to it.

"They were asked to build the display at a 1.85:1 aspect ratio, but due to a transcription error, ended up building 1.85:1.85 which is, in fact, a square"

Check out the new song clip that I wrote, the first to be published exclusively on my custom song platform (and not on soundcloud):

Congress attempting to functionally extinguish copyright term limits, extend copyright protection to 140+ years; the 11th such extension in the past 40 years.

I am bored and lonely in my apartment, as Abby is sleeping and in pain and no one is online to chat with.

I'm thinking I might just randomly wander out my front door and try to find some kind of adventure.

So mastodon leaks which accounts once existed on an instance – is that wanted? Like, there is a different 404 page depending on if a user account once existed (but has been deleted or suspended) or was never there.

I just realized it represents 10 years of effort on my part: writing, arranging and recording songs of all types. Wow!

New version of my songs website is up! With all songs/sounds downloaded from Soundcloud, and the beginnings of custom player controls:

So I let the script sit for like 2 hours and I knew I was only downloading maybe 400 MB of files. Eventually I added the progress logging and restarted it. As soon as the laptop slept, the network disconnected but in a hang-y way. So it had been frozen the whole time.

TFW you wrote a script to download a bunch of files but you didn't put any kind of progress reporting.

Now I'm thinking of some kind of static site generator where I drop an .mp3 and a .json for metadata into a folder, and then regenerate the site and push it to Netlify.

Sometimes i open The Real Book and pick a few random chords and toss them into an arpeggiator. Because why not?

This time it ended up sounding like a phone alarm/ringtone:

Okay rate these options:

1) Upgrade to soundcloud pro unlimited and pay $108/yr to never have to worry about running out of space again.

2) Delete some of the old songs to free up space for new ones.

3) Stop using soundcloud altogether

4) Create a new place to host my music starting with any new songs I write/record/upload.

5) Like 4, but migrate all of the old songs to the new hosting place.

Remember: no one listens to these songs.

I guess there's the <audio> element now? It's just so clunky and generic.