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But I probably don't want anyone to read my poetry actually, because I imagine it reflects poorly on me

I experience long passages of time as though it is a great tragedy, a loss which can never be reclaimed. Yet I simultaneously mourn the drudgery of each passing minute. On both time scales there is nothing but misery.

I must not have enough friends or interests, because a blank browser tab and time to kill feels like torture to me

As I'll be soon out of job, I'd like to take the chance to have a bit of free time to improve my #python skills.

I'd like to contribute to an existing project. Ideally my criteria are:
* #django frameworks because I am already familiar with
* free software licence (GNU GPL or similar)
* early stage project as I wish to contribute to its specifications
* Maybe related to the fediverse...

Boosts welcome

Okay here's an attempt to share basic knowledge. Hopefully my definitions are mutually agreeable:

"What is a web application?" --

Also 4 hours was the liberal estimate of how long this bus ride was going to take. We're hitting traffic outside Sacramento.

So how's that "being productive" going. Yeah I got bus-sick and spent the last two hours trying to sleep.


The thing is, if you ask literally anyone "should I develop and put online some free educational resources for web development", they're all going to give an emphatic "yes!".

But are any of these people going to end up actually consuming any of the content?

On the other hand, maybe I can clear my conscious just by taking on the project.

I generally feel this massive guilt that I've had the opportunity to get a college degree in computer science, and then work in the industry for the past 14 years. I feel the only way to assuage said guilt is to give back some of the knowledge I've accumulated.

Maybe instead of a blog site I can write some tutorials on intermediate web dev principles and practices. It just seems overwhelming, not because of the content, but the prospect of developing a way of framing an presenting it.

Trying desperately to do something productive on this 4 hour bus ride from Reno back to SF. I have 100% laptop charge and decent internet.

Maybe some kind of project around creating a new blog, like I was talking about this morning?

Just had a lovely celebratory 4th anniversary dinner with my lovely wife.

if self.sick_of_work and self.wont_get_in_trouble:

Florida's Amendment 13, banning dog racing, will shut down 11 of the US's 17 dog racetracks. Those dogs will need homes! So if you're considering getting a dog soon, please, consider a greyhound. They are amazing.

I forgot to charge my laptop last night, so here I am on my morning commute, reading masto in my PHONE like a FARMER.

Hello town.

I like writing code in and . I work for, building software for churches. I have a beautiful wife and two amazing kids, so I talk about them sometimes too.

I am not very good at memes. There, I admitted it.

I have tried Mastodon a few times before, but it didn't really stick. Hoping to give it a bit more time this go round.

I can't find a working email for him anywhere, anyways. Just a bunch of contact forms.

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