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Presumably this is the last song I will write this year. See you in 2019!

"At the start of this year my goal was to write a song a day. I'm not sure if I've even averaged a song a week, to be honest. I'm still happy with my output, but hopefully I can do more in 2019."

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I've written about my failure to write a song a day in 2018 here:

Now I wonder where I go from here.

Won a poker tournament in Reno today! Well actually we chopped heads up, but I was the chip leader. Felt awesome!

Just had an amazing birthday brunch buffet! Prime rib, eggs, hash browns, oysters, fruit, a slice of cheesecake and a mimosa. Delicious!

Here in Reno for my birthday! Staying at the Peppermill, they gave us two free nights. Looking to play some poker and Jacks or Better.

Also, I made this Jacks or Better trainer in Angular a while back:

First D&D session of the new year tonight! We're doing white elephant (I think a normal one, not the d20 elephant I suggested, so boo on that....) and afterwards rolling characters for our new campaign.

I just declared WIkipedia notification bankruptcy. Basically, someone's been @'ing me on wikipedia on talk pages like non stop for the past three months.

I haven't kept up with all of them, and today I just marked them all as read.

This is related to the project I'm working on:

Gmail is super slow today on archiving things. Like very unsatisfyingly slow.

He says, sure of the fact that his boss is not looking over his shoulder.

He says, sure of the fact that none of his co-workers are on masto

are there any tutorials on "what to do while you're at work"?

You know, besides work.

Round two, I guess I'm just into brand name dropping now:

Everybody's searching for love
Everybody's searching for something to watch on Netflix
Everybody's searching for love
Everybody's searching for something to watch on Netflix

Toying with writing song lyrics first before writing music:

Ask me about my opinions on Linux
I'll fill you in on my Mastodon addiction
Twitter is for poseurs, Facebook is so lame
I tried to connect on WhatsApp
But no one knew my name
So ask me
About my opinions
On Linux

i made a standalone website for my noise stuff, finally. using this instead of soundcloud/bandcamp. it helps that i settled on a name after years of flitting around (casu marza, dreaded object, precious snout).

I also take many more lyfts than most: 2201 to date!

I play more games than most but far less than many.

There's a new episode of @librelounge out where we interview Karen Sandler about herself and her work as Software Freedom Conservancy's executive director

Can I also just take a moment to say... WOW! Karen Sandler is our first guest on Libre Lounge! Karen co-hosted Free as in Freedom and that show is an obvious direct inspiration for Libre Lounge; it's *amazing* to me that she's our first guest!

Hope you like the episode! I think it's our best yet!

Gave up, admitted defeat, turned on the heat. It still smells terrible but now maybe my feet will hurt slightly less. (It was 57 in our apartment).

I think it might actually be warmer outside than in my house right now.


i'm Ciarán - a big, tall, hairy guy from ireland who makes music and gives out about the state of the world (especially ireland)

i am usually open to talking about pretty much anything, and will get particularly enthusiastic about music/tv/film/society-related discussions

i'm also inclined towards very quiet stretches during periodic bouts of anxiety

follows and chats most welcome ❤️

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