sadly arm64 and i may not be able to debug that this quickly

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(*goes to install tilp2*)
computer: emits smoke. kerchunk bzzzt. failed.
(*goes to fix the brew script. realizes she has already done this once before*)
me, genius: brew tap
computer: functions somewhat correctly
me: is smug

hard to photograph legibly but here it is. large dimension about 15mm.

not sure what it is! maybe later i'll try to match it against e.g.

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what is the oldest human made thing you have?

i have almost nothing from before 1920. by far the oldest is a small roman coin

[poll] wiring standard

galactica : galactica actual
what the fuck : what the actual fuck

tfw you spot lamp rash on the microfiche and understand you're not the first person to get screwed by this code

we have snake_case and CamelCase

so why do we have snake oil but no camel oil?

"astrid why do you walk in the center of the roadway, that space is for cars"

i wouldn't have to if they stayed in their fucking lanes for a change

why, in 2021, do we _still_ not have gapless music playback??

i /join'ed this channel to /kick and eat ass, and i'm all out of @

you want liminal spaces? well this is how you get liminal spaces

the other day i took a rip off the vape & exhaled into my favorite mask. it does a great job of absorbing aerosol organics, as it turns out. laundry time lol

important information about me: i'm an avid reader of /r/bitchimatrain

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