The plural of "index" is "indices".
The plural of "vertex" is "vertices".
The plural of "mutex" is "deadlock".

-- @agmlego

Reminder: elections aren’t marriages, they’re mass transit. You take the bus that’s heading in the direction you want to go even if it doesn’t get you all the way there.

eventually the rubber meets the road and you actually have to do crmes, not just be gay and talk about doing crimes

a filesystem is a kind of network protocol that allows for communicating across time

finally we were able to get enough people onsite to finish installing this sender in the frame. it'd been sitting on cribbing in the aisle since the start of quarantine.

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(they look different bc they are from three different eras. old relays couldn't have quite the spring pileup of newer, post-1952 relays, so they were split across two coils in parallel.)

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cloudflare is currently the world's leading provider of hugops

i love the soft bloom effect that you can see around dark areas on documents reproduced from microfilm

you used to go on the internet and download cool things for your computer, because it was easier than buying them or going to your friends house. and then youd have some cool things on your computer that you didn't do before. thats definitely a net win for the internet. but it isnt really like that anymore is it. instead you go on the internet and thats it. the internet IS the cool thing! and that would be really convenient except the internet isnt cool at all and also it sucks ass

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proposed new osi network layer model
0. money
1. electronics
2. computers (do not touch)
3. computers (your problem)
4. computers (your fault)
5. feelings

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