sometimes i like showing off my transdermals. they're cyberpunk as fuck.

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I'm not gonna say all computers should be banned but at the same time I'm not fully convinced that allowing computers to do things while unaccompanied by a human has been a net win either

I wonder what anti-maskers think about TLS

no secret meaning, i just love that there's a little picture of a hole on my screen

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printf("fuck!!!\n"); // todo: write a real log message

most of my peers are like, "add a print statement and find out!"

no. i am an adult, and i will use the sharpest tools available.

my text editor can have multiple files open at once, and i would like to ask multiple questions about the program in a row without going back to the compiler every time.

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am i, like, the only programmer who uses the debugger?

conspiracy theory: masks are an attempt by recording engineers to offload the cost of pop filters

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Hey so the Seattle Police Department is holding a free Law Enforcement Appreciation Dinner next week!

It Sure Would Be Terrible if all the seats were taken up by people who aren't law enforcement officers and don't intend to show up! :blobowoevil:

aaaaaand there's the "i have no idea what i am doing" trough, whew

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I remember a time when online mass-surveillance was a crazy conspiracy theory.

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