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seems like my social instincts interpret "no contact for a year+ while visibly surrounded by others" as "the other birds have rejected me from the flock and i must rue every past decision in this light"

grs shitpost 

missed opportunity that i kinda regret but not really

as a former no-mtv kid, i have been having a lot of fun watching music videos i didn't get to see the first time around

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free software 

i may use `tmux' now, but in my heart i'll always be a `screen' user

set my cup down at the coffee maker like quarters lined up on the pinball machine

i could not sleep last night because i was worrying

sometimes it feels like the museum of wire & cable more than anything else

enough people are living outdoors in my city that after a walk at night my hair smells like i've been sitting around a campfire

my loft apartment is like having a loft bed but better because you dont have to climb down to pee at night


thinking about how last time i went to berlin (2017) when i spotted an identity europa poster

haha i just got in bed because it felt like bedtime and uh it's not even 8pm

for the record i'm resistant to the idea of marking images of me being regular ordinary me as "sensitive", because of the long history of visible transsexualism being considered ipso facto lascivious in mainstream culture.

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my (unasked, but more salient) question was "am i hurting anyone if i do otherwise?", which has been answered in the replies. thanks!

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why do people censor their selfies on here? serious question, i never got the welcome pamphlet. [boosts ok]

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