so ... if you call your dick a gock, and you're into chastity, is that a glock?

🔺 is my favorite queer symbol. fuck you. we live.

blåhaj? [poll]

Yesterday we visited the Harwell Dekatron (W.I.T.C.H.), the oldest operating computer in the world.

pervert the natural order. have acausal sex.

have you had covid?

bitches with out-of-gamut hair (i'm bitches)

thinking about the West, about getting out of town, about road trips and rumple strips

it's ludicrous that file formats and network protocols are so ontologically distinct. they're the same thing, just-
protocols communicate through space
files communicate in time

at&t long distance is having *issues*. three calls in quick succession to their operator svc platform get totally different dispositions.

no worries, i already had it rendered out to eps. i just cant edit it ever again. probably for the best.

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in perhaps the most damning indictment of ... everything:

it appears the original "fuck computers" sticker art is broken because my fonts changed?

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