Linux on the desktop: because it's easier to accept community-driven brokenness than profit-driven misbehavior

my new goal is to see as much of the world as i can before our irresponsible use of petroleum to, among other things, move airplanes around, destroys it

being a frequent monorail commuter means knowing what seats have the heaters under them :blobmelt:

i think i fucked up my right index finger something fierce and i'm pretty worried

breaking out some of the Shadytel Private Reserve for a special occasion

also i'm sorry that he has to open all these bugs, making work for him

i don't have a big head about how good my shit is, but i do feel ashamed

test guy is coming back with like ten serious bugs in this thing i wrote last month

RT @textfiles

Internet Archive is short about $600,000 of the 2018 funding goals, so if you were waiting for a reason, there's the reason.

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