(anxiety looping, to a partner, after orgasm)

"what does this mean for us?!?"
"nothing. this is acausal sex"

"attention riders, attention riders. please use that as an example of what _not_ to do. don't stand in front of a moving train"


but we are underway again so it cant have ended too badly

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feels like sound transit has given up on two and three car trains - all the position indicator boards in the stations are gone, except for "4"

i wonder who the last person to learn about the coronavirus was

ratchet straps & something to protect the paint, make me the rigger i ain't

that red gasket & dk grey mounting plate & silver relay cover is such a good look!!

texted a longtime mutual from ten feet away while not acknowledging each other's presence physically at all until one of us was leaving

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tired: body image issues
wired: firmware image issues

been really yawny the last few weeks, not sure what exactly is up

magnetic gf completely turned around because you handed her a compass and expected her to follow it

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