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jfc, am i going to have to form a fucking clec or something

ahhhh love me a good nasopharyngeal swab 👃 🥰🧪🦠

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once again contemplating standing up a Mailman server - my needs are just unusual enough to not make sense running in a single Fastmail account.

people keep warning me off from doing this but maybe it's time?

god forbid i ever run into one of these people at a party, i would probably not be able to contain myself

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fuck the medical insurance & billing industry

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c*rporation is a slur


also interesting: selfies i used to see and think "wow! i look great!" now make me super dysphoric, lmao, which is why i had to split out my early transition into its own group.

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transsexuality, artificial intelligence 

sometimes the robot miscategorizes them, which feels pretty shit, but it's better than poking the "show pictures of me" button and having it show me a bunch of really bad pictures from another lifetime. because apparently the most representative photos are always the oldest?

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transsexuality, artificial intelligence 

my phone recognizes the faces in all of my photographs, as yours might. i've had to split my face into three people for its purposes:
- dead eyed motherfucker
- early transition
- astrid

in particular the breakpoint between "early transition" and "astrid" is when i first colored my hair orange, approximately two years in.

"from each according to need, to each according to merit (vaguely defined but strongly correlated with wealth)"


today's entry for your mental magic numbers file is "::200:ff:fe00:0" - a SLAAC address (mistakenly) derived from an EUI-48 address of 00:00:00:00:00:00

machine-sortable microfilm is a perfect fusion of the analog and digital realms

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