I am old enough to remember when they rolled out the Dept. of Homeland Security and a lot of us thought it was about the most overtly fash-sounding thing anyone ever heard of. Now liberals are applauding people of color being put in charge of it. I dunno man

nothing however can compare to the time sarah and i went to the right address in the wrong town. a man was sitting there on his porch, and when we asked where we went wrong he introduced himself as my old name.

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my deadname is uncommon enough that i encounter it in the wild infrequently. so every time i do it's kind of harrowing. the last movie i watched had it for a character's name and that was ... a thing.

imo, best election day activity is CLEANING, because
• it's just enough brain to keep you busy
• you won't run out of task
• any progress is good
• can't fix the whole world but i can make this bit suck less

Polite reminder: Earth is a tree planet with some bacteria. Everything else is just the extra stuff that lives here too.

it’s not about the fucking pronouns. it’s about the fact that you keep slipping so i have to be reminded that you haven’t internalized that i am who i say i am.

computers don’t need more megabytes. they should make do what what they have

And it doesn't even have to be electronics or devices either. There are lots of things that use plastic today that don't particularly *need* their components to be plastic

I.E. Here's a stapler with all plastic furniture replaced with bamboo

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Learn This Unbelievable Way To Train Your Boar To Read Tarot Cards

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