I have my own theories on the CEO of an optical devices company having implanted weapons in their skull. 

Hardware Acceleration is approximately 9.8 m/s² and is achieved by tossing your computer out the fucking window

what's the second best thing you've ever done for yourself? serious answers only


MIDI 2.0 is here. There's JSON in it. Can't some things not be JSON?

you can have your own little "butlerian jihad" by getting drunk and throwing alexa in the trash

Have you used the Unix 'talk' command before? (Note the special option for if you've used it, but not in the past year). Results are for a presentation so accuracy is appreciated. It's ok if Yes (in the past year) is 2 people. ;)

lewd grs trashpost 

making slides for a presentation for my research group

i wonder if i can get paid for doing something that actually improves the world

the most important thing about the human brain is that if you’re an English speaking internet user of a certain age you have perfect recall of the melody & lyrics to 2003 Romanian pop song “dragostea din tei” & this *will* be exercised involuntarily and with no notice or reason

a filesystem is a kind of network protocol that allows for communicating across time

I hate when platforms automatically make my :) into a 😃

I want the ominous energy of :)

changing my default git branch name to "maser"

my boss: "what would your ideal office space include?"

me: "walls"

@alexandria @tao > IRC is exclusionary technology
> entire irc protocol is maybe 30 pages or less to make a small server and client


> posted to a web service written in five turing complete languages totalling hundreds to over a thousand pages of RFC and spec and relies on browser software that is some of the most complex code ever produced in the world


society is fucked isn't it.
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