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As an , I'm a content marketer who used to be, but decided to (begin to) move over to Um, about me:

  • I like
  • I don't write as much as I'd like
  • I like TV and like, the Internet
  • I'm really proud of my profile pic
  • Oh! I'm on lots of tilde server things.
  • I admin (poorly)
  • Ask me questions! I'll probably answer them!
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decided 'emojo' is normie. using 'emojum' as the singular from now on

when the post office has the same lunch break as you ;_;

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at the end of the day you're another day older

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If you don't want me reverse engineering your API, give me a damn RSS feed.

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Kelloggs - Firing all strikers 

Please don't buy the following products (Sourced from the company's Wikipedia article):

Bear Naked, Inc.
Cheez-It Crackers
Fruit Winders
Fruity Snacks
Kashi (company)
Morningstar Farms
Club Crackers
Sunshine Biscuits
Town House
Zesta Crackers
Rice Krispies Treats


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Something I like about fedi is that there's a fairly low limit to how viral something can go

The largest numbers of boosts I've ever seen on a post is like 200? Which translates to, idk, a few thousand people at most might see it?

That's a lot of people! But it's still an amount of people that can fit into one room. It's not an unthinkable number of people, even if I don't know all of them

Otoh, the idea of some random thing I said potentially being seen by *millions* of people is horrifying

y'all ever been to a therapist and were unsure who was therapizing whom?

I think I need a new one

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whoa somebody dropped malware that corrupts PinePhones' modems and purges local files in its Telegram channel

kink? lewd-ish 

boot me harder, daddy
--- computers, probably

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