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As an , I'm a content marketer who used to be, but decided to (begin to) move over to Um, about me:

  • I like
  • I don't write as much as I'd like
  • I like TV and like, the Internet
  • I'm really proud of my profile pic
  • Oh! I'm on lots of tilde server things.
  • I admin (poorly)
  • Ask me questions! I'll probably answer them!

whoa somebody dropped malware that corrupts PinePhones' modems and purges local files in its Telegram channel

kink? lewd-ish 

boot me harder, daddy
--- computers, probably

The food taxonomy cube rule and "is a hotdog a sandwich" discourse is dumb because people could be using it to learn that there is no immutable underlying truth to human categorizations, they are all made up for convenience and are mutable when convenience demands. But instead people think if they just find the perfect heuristic they can perfectly define things.

NFTs are clearly a direct response to a modern world in which it's rare for anyone to actually *own* anything, instead renting/streaming it all from five companies

so, of course, instead of taking the message from this that we're living in a fucking serfdom and that's not okay

these bros are just like "well *I* wanna own things so I'm gonna set up a system where a lot of people lie to me about how much I own this monkey to make me feel better"

seems like 90% of what techbros do is respond poorly to how hellish the world is by creating a magical illusory internety alternative to everything

just noticed the place I went to get my oil changed ran on the computer, neat

Today it’s the 50th anniversary of Project Gutenberg.

If you’re unfamiliar with it: it’s a vast collection of freely available ebooks.

I've finally got around to reading @kensanata 's post on the first three talks in and I've got to say, it perfectly encapsulates what I love about too! Thanks Alex!

new alignment just dropped 

chaotic awkward

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