ppl often say that open source ui is always janky and ugly but like

have you seen how pretty gtk3 apps can look,


@AgathaSorceress it's a shame that GTK's "theme" system is actually not intended to be a theme system and can totally break apps, see blogs.gnome.org/tbernard/2018/
I'd love if gtk3 stuff actually supported real themes because it can look super nice

@AgathaSorceress also re: open source vs proprietary apps with UI, I think the problem is that a lot of open source projects are designed with users as an afterthought almost, or developers assuming that every user will be comfortable with what "works for them"
it's given open source a bad name even though when you have actual designers doing open source shit it's better than proprietary apps often

@nihilazo I have been using my custom GTK2/3 theme and associated QT5 colorscheme (https://nilfm.cc/git/steppenwolf-dark) for two years now, and I think GIMP and Rox-filer are the only two apps I had to make special rules for -- everything else just works; everything is usable, and visible. This is not the first I've seen of the "don't theme my app" biz. As someone who started out in theming and has moved on to app dev, I don't really buy the argument. If themes are breaking your app, that's just a sign that either the theme or the app are designed/written/implemented poorly.

@nilix I agree - theming should work well - but the problem is that GTK3 does not actually support themes properly so things break. It's a problem in GTK, GTK should be themable well. It just isn't rn

@nihilazo Well, it's not that GTK doesn't support it, but more specifically GNOME :p
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