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#Ubuntu Server: how can I add a new keymap alongside my current keymap (US)?

All in all, I guess I'll go for the #Nokia 6 as my new phone. I'm still pissed at #Canonical for ditching #Ubuntu #Phone, though.

UBports project announced today that they managed to successfully run their modification of Canonical’s abandoned Ubuntu Touch mobile OS on the Nexus 5 smartphone! Good thing that Ubuntu Touch was / is open source, so this project did not fall into oblivion -> ow.ly/JXiR30dImYD #mobile #Linux #Ubuntu #UBports #Nexus5

#Manjaro #openRC seems unstable to me. Since I am in love with Mate atm, I might try Ubuntu Mate for a change. I haven't used any Ubuntu for years. I heard #Ubuntu #Mate is really good...

❓Can #Mastodon instances be run from #Ubuntu 14.04? I am looking at doing this because I want to use #Trisquel 7, which is based off this version of Ubuntu.

So it turns out the #Ubuntu motd system also asks for some info about the users systems. And of course, it's all opt-out without the user ever being informed about what's going on. gist.github.com/anonymous/fdc1

Anyone running #Ubuntu that is curious about #Debian #Stretch, I'll let you know how this #Linux #Distro to other Linux distro update goes... Oh, and if you have suggestions for extra steps to take, send them my way. I won't be doing her computer until all of the others are finished, so I'll check in here before I start.


The #Arch Wiki is really something. While #Ubuntu largely relies on the launchpad bug tracker and Ask Ubuntu stackoverflow system. I think this says something about the two cultures.

I think I'll take the plunge tonight and install #ZSH.

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Volunteers tailor Ubuntu Linux to UK’s health service

A group of British IT health care specialists have tailored the #Ubuntu #Linux distribution for use by the UK’s national health service #NHS on its workstations. The alpha version of #NHSbuntu was unveiled at the South West CIO Forum on 27 April.

See joinup.ec.europa.eu/node/16123

@vfrmedia @danie10 I think it is a good effort to prepare free software to run in places like #NHS.

Having reviewed the presentation I am not sure what is so special in #NHSbuntu that makes it different from other operating systems based on free software. Full disk encryption by default is not rocket science those days.

They also mention dependency and upgrade hell. My understanding that when upgrading #Ubuntu major releases one does that by virtually reinstalling everything.

@d3jblog I think #shuttleworth's plan at the end is: selling #Ubuntu (shares) to some mega corporation like !Microsoft.
I find #Android's candy names to be as unhelpful as #Ubuntu's "Allopecious Alligator" names.