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@schestowitz I wouldn't say they're entirely PR.

They did in fact fully port #Coreboot to their 13 inch rev1 model (with some work going towards Rev2 and the 15-inch models), they are hiring kernel developers and have put a lot of work into sourcing the right components for a quality #Linux laptop.

If you want to install #Linux my primary suggestion is _________ ...

Here is another one:

"That's why you shouldn't insert any confidential data into an open-source software, especially weekend-projects like these."

If you have low bloodpressure just read the comments on OMGUbuntu!

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Quote of the day from OMGUbuntu:

"I love Linux, but recently got a MacBook Air, and finding MacOS to be everything I wanted out of Linux, without all the extra tweaking and customizing. To quote those fond of Ubuntu, "it just works," period. Straight away.'"


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I am using Compiz with Mate.

Compiz, compiz, compiz (image it with echo)...

This is 2017, wtf...

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Yay, I can play Brothers - A tale of two sons now! My only problem was that I had no sound. You need the lib32 version of openal (which will probably could help start other directx heavy game on Linux).

I also installed xact, vcrun2010 and dotnet40. Win32 prefix.

You play as 2 sons both either on keyboard or gamepad (good coop game).

How good is it? This game is TotalBiscuit's best game ever.

I only started it so #nospoilers pls.

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