As @selfsame already mentioned, yesterday I made a Minisweeper, a minimalistic version of minesweeper.

You can try it here:

it currently has 254 bytes of sourcecode (including the html):

<body onload='l=i=>{s=0;for(x of[1,15,16,17])s+=(c[i+x]|0)+(c[i-x]|0)};m=240;for(i=256;i--;){c.innerHTML+=i%16?(m-=c[i]=Math.random()>.8,`<a[${i}]?(alert("BOOM"),"X"):l(${i},--m||alert("=D"))||s>#</a> `):`\n`}'><pre id=c>

@selfsame @troido kinda feel like it has too many mines but maybe I just suck

@sl2c Yes, there are a lot of mines. Each tile has a 20% chance of being a mine.

With this code it is only 10%:

<body onload='l=i=>{s=0;for(x of[1,15,16,17])s+=(c[i+x]|0)+(c[i-x]|0)};m=240;for(i=256;i--;){c.innerHTML+=i%16?(m-=c[i]=Math.random()>.9,`<a[${i}]?(alert("BOOM"),"X"):l(${i},--m||alert("=D"))||s>#</a> `):`\n`}'><pre id=c>

If you want something more user friendly, you could play
There you can choose the number of mines

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