Well hello Mastodon.

I've had this account now for a while, but have not posted anything yet.
Mastodon is usually seen as an alternative to twitter, but I have never been a twitter user, so I haven't really felt the need for something like this (I joined Mastodon because I did want to check out the new decentralized open source network).
Another reason is that, I'm generally quite reluctant to post stuff in public.

Nevertheless, I think I will start tooting about my projects sometimes.

@troido oh hey, saw your minified minesweeper, fantastic :)

@troido hi there! What kind of projects do you engage in?

Mainly programming hobby projects. Mostly games, because they usually feel most rewarding to myself.

Some examples of my favourite projects:

I have a small list on but since has shut down it has many broken links that I haven't fixed yet.

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