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I made a new version of Cadastre.
The old Cadastre was a messy python script most of which I wrote in a single afternoon.
The new version is a a Haskell rewrite.
It runs much faster than the python version.
Public parcels, which never actually worked in the old version ,now work properly.

See also:

I made another tiny javascript game, this time a simplified clone of pong.

Play here:

<body onload=b=p=d=2;setInterval(`s='';d^=2*(b%8<2|6<b%8)+16*(72<b|b==p);b+=d-9;for(i=80;i--;)s+=i%8?i^b?i^p?'.':'_':'o':'\\n';c.innerHTML=s`,200) onkeydown=p+=event.which%2?p<7:-(1<p)><pre id=c>

I still have to figure out what dimensions of the box to use for the most interesting gameplay.

@masu I checked out your music. Awesome work!

As @selfsame already mentioned, yesterday I made a Minisweeper, a minimalistic version of minesweeper.

You can try it here:

it currently has 254 bytes of sourcecode (including the html):

<body onload='l=i=>{s=0;for(x of[1,15,16,17])s+=(c[i+x]|0)+(c[i-x]|0)};m=240;for(i=256;i--;){c.innerHTML+=i%16?(m-=c[i]=Math.random()>.8,`<a[${i}]?(alert("BOOM"),"X"):l(${i},--m||alert("=D"))||s>#</a> `):`\n`}'><pre id=c>

Well hello Mastodon.

I've had this account now for a while, but have not posted anything yet.
Mastodon is usually seen as an alternative to twitter, but I have never been a twitter user, so I haven't really felt the need for something like this (I joined Mastodon because I did want to check out the new decentralized open source network).
Another reason is that, I'm generally quite reluctant to post stuff in public.

Nevertheless, I think I will start tooting about my projects sometimes.