Fediverse forecast for today, Tuesday 20 August 2019: optimistic, with lewd on main moving into the evening

Now serving: Flat, medium-thick noodles in mild salt and soy sauce broth with kikurage and bean sprouts. Served with seaweed salad.

Fediverse forecast for today, Monday 19 August 2019: glitchy, with light rainbows starting around noon

Fediverse forecast for today, Sunday 18 August 2019: helpful, with frequent hot takes

<archangelic> I’m just glad there is a crt-based cryptid out there

Now serving: Ramen in salt broth with kikurage and nori. Served with tofu nuggets.

Fediverse forecast for today, Saturday 17 August 2019: optimistic, with 25% chance of scattered lewd on main moving into the evening

sƃoɥ ןɐɹǝɟ ǝɔɐds ʎɐƃ ʎɹnxnן pǝʇɐɯoʇnɐ ʎןןnɟ

Fediverse forecast for today, Friday 16 August 2019: cybre, with 75% chance of steady hardware failures at Scaleway

Now serving: Ramen in spicy miso broth with teppanyaki chicken, spring onions and shiitake mushrooms. Served with takoyaki.

smoke breaks will turn into angry hockey dads someday --pinhook

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