a painting by an artist from Myanmar, named Nyein Chan Su. it's titled "Sunrise at Sakar Village". ~rogbeer

a stamp on an envelope that travelled from somewhere in Myanmar, to the state of Terengganu, in the country of Malaysia. (you may know that both Malaysia and Myanmar are in the region of South-east Asia) ~rogbeer

a postal stamp, way back when the country of Malaysia was called Malaya. I bought it from an older man for SGD$0.20, but failed to find him again after that one encounter. ~rogbeer

Under construction. (Some say there're too many construction works.) March 2020, Singapore. ~rogbeer

at the 8th storey, National Library Building, Singapore. 18th June 2021. ~rogbeer

hacking a wifi network's WEP password to login to a database and look for the next hacking target ~lucidiot

using 15 tons of steel as an antenna to make a QSO over 445km on 14MHz ~lucidiot

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