Decided to get really into kites this summer. Going to be posting a lot to so it's all in once place

Also, I should probably get that PoC||GTFO mirror back up

Feeling paranoid about link rot tonight. Trying out and `grep -rh -Eo '(https?://[^] \)]+)' **.md` on my personal wiki to see about making my own damn mirror

Finally got my computer case made out of acrylic done on laser cutter! Design files will be posted soon

As usual, XKCD says it better then I ever could. This is why I hated calculus

Poll: is 2 personal laptops and 1 work laptop too many laptops?

Wrote a tiny python script to backup alll* your github repos for use with cron:

*the first 100 at least, because pagination

For those curious, it's alpine + docker (Plex ,ttrss, gollum) + raid 1 + restic and maybe monit soon?

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I haven't had this much playing with Linux in a longggg time. Soon my perfect server build will be complete!

Any artists want to help me make some PCB cuttlefish art? It's for and my attempts have been... Not what I had in mind

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