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Powerwalkin’ through Disney at 6 in the morning. 🏃‍♂️

That’s... that’s what I’m doing right now.

Current status: indexing 41k photos using my handy perceptual hashing library.

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My talk about Sidekiq::Clutch was well received I think. People seemed into it. 💪

Today I give a short talk at work about Sidekiq::Clutch, my gem for working with Sidekiq Pro batches.

I need to blog about it too!

Good morning town! I’m out for an early morning walk and it smells fresh. Gonna be a great day.

@0x4464 I admire and encourage you simplifying your social media consumption! I'm honored to be on your follow list, but please don't feel obligated. Keeping things simple is important!

Did you know there are over 140 color *names* supported by web browsers? Including "PeachPuff", which is highly pleasant.

I'm sitting in a sort-of hallway/common-area at work and my rate of interruption by passers-by is currently at 2/minute. I'll post an update if that changes significantly.

@seven1m Now I want to use it for the purpose of de-duplicating and organizing my photo collection.

Next I need to learn about BK-Trees.

I wanted to learn about perceptual image hashing, so I wrote a gem for it (as one does):

@seven1m I had a blast climbing! I definitely will be going back, but I gotta find a climbing gym closer to home. People there were very friendly, too.

I’m going climbing/bouldering for the first time with some buddies from work. Wish me luck!

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@seven1m welcome to masto again, we can train you up to memelord in time, you can be our memesquire

Hello town.

I like writing code in and . I work for, building software for churches. I have a beautiful wife and two amazing kids, so I talk about them sometimes too.

I am not very good at memes. There, I admitted it.

I have tried Mastodon a few times before, but it didn't really stick. Hoping to give it a bit more time this go round.

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