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3 to the Elves

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7 to the Dwarf lords

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9 to the race of Men

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But they were all of them, deceived. For another ring was made.


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Leftover hamburger patty for breakfast? Yes, I think I will.

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I would frequent the heck out of a cafe with comfy chairs and a big bookshelf full of nicely printed and bound copies of all the RFCs.

We're doing database cutover of our biggest app to Aurora MySQL in a few minutes. 🤞

>Reach and go but never throw.

My son may have misunderstood the his lifeguard training.

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You are the peanut butter to the town's jelly. We fit so well together!

Working means being able to put my shoeless feet on the desk while I'm working. Then they go tingly and I'm reminded about my age and poor circulation.

@SDF can you delete the 'seven1m' account so I can sign up using it? Looks like my other account was deleted.

@insom sadly that only shows PRs I've created, PRs assigned to me, and some other options. But I cannot see PRs on every repo I own. :blobcry:

Just found a couple 2-year-old PRs on some GitHub repos I apparently hadn''t been watching. Oops. Is there a way to see all PRs on every repo you own?

@mindnmotion this particular machine is a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian.

So cold outside! The snow didn't stick around, but the temp did.

@mindnmotion Yes, hardware RAID. Though the device does support single mode, so I could use software RAID. I think I *might* like to have some visibility into what's going on more than just blinking lights.

I'm slowly replacing drives in my RAID enclosure with 2TB drives. It's fun swapping drives out of a running system and watching it go to work rebuilding.


“I believe I can teach a person the mechanics of programming in a very short time. The hard part of programming isn’t the coding.” —mempko

Hear hear!

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