@selfsame (but seriously holy shit amazing model good work)

@prophet_goddess haha yeah I had the internal anatomy planned out in my head

@selfsame genuinely the worst thing i have ever seen and i know for a fact that one day i will be in a bathroom in japan and this thing will be there with me and i'll die like tycho brahe before i piss in there

@holochromatic @selfsame so i see there that it has a butt, which begs gur question: Is that butt simply a result of how it's legs ajoin to its body, or does it in fact poop.
assuming it does, if i poop in gur toilet after it's done digesting it does it poop out an altered version of my poop?

@nasser as Michelangelo would say "the toilet was there all along I've just set it free"

@selfsame some things........ should stay................ unfree

@aparrish if you gaze too long into the bathroom the bathroom gazes back

@selfsame @aparrish long many years have our children ask: do toilet have butt

@selfsame it's like transformers except for the part where they're all made of metal

it's a toilet then chee choo choo choo chuh while doing a spinny backflip and now it's a man
or at least a flesh creature with bilateral symmetry

@selfsame i'm also reminded of the bug-spaceship living toilets from lexx

but that show has probably become even worse with age and it was terrible to begin with

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