@selfsame Hacking is simply playful cleverness.

If you installed just Linux and had a working computer in the end, that would be one impressive hack (as Linux needs to be combined with an OS like GNU or BusyBox to work).

@best_doll oh no, I use Ubuntu LTS you don't need to install anything else it's just Linux!

@selfsame Ubuntu is a systemd/Linux distribution, that combines the kernel, Linux, with systemd.

See source related as to why you cannot possibly use just Linux: https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux.git/tree/init/main.c#n1552

@best_doll sorry I'm not good at reading rust code but this file mentions linux and does not mention Gnu. Maybe you are thinking of a different repository?

@selfsame 11/10 trolling, but I'll reply anyway.
0. It's obviously C and not rust, as why on earth would I link to rust.
1. Yes, it doesn't mention GNU, as the file is part of Linux and not GNU.
2. /sbin/init is the reference to systemd, I don't get how you got from there to GNU.
3. It's GNU, not "Gnu".

@best_doll yes exactly i don't think we're arguing here, there's no GNU inside of linux

@best_doll @selfsame You're wrong too, GNU refers to the toolchain in this case and BusyBox is a program not the OS; they are nothing without the kernel.
What IS an OS is a somewhat open ended question but I would consider the sum of the parts (kernel, drivers, toolchain, etc.) to be the OS.

Also holy shit, even you acknowledged this is just a bit of banter. I get sarcasm is hard to pick up on over the Internet but I feel like the other replies should have clued you in. You don't need to be a smartass about this shit.
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