@selfsame wait isn't cosmic crisp just honeycrisp + some longetivity genes?

@technomancy believe it's a hybrid but definitely an improvement!

@selfsame huh, honestly I can't tell the difference; I just buy cosmic crisp because it sounds like something they'd eat on 1960s star trek

@selfsame rude to put granny smith, the delicious crispy tart classic, in c-tier

@selfsame posted this elsewhere and got an inspired response:

all apples are C
I will not be taking questions.

@selfsame someone's never had a snapdragon I see, should rectify that

@selfsame extremely correct chart, though I’d swap fuji and cosmic. Opal is the best and I’m glad somebody recognizes its elite status.

@kat @selfsame we need an Orange list

Florida Valencia is S tier that’s my contribution

@hammerhead @selfsame oh nah just put them on this list, i need to know how they compare to the apples

@hammerhead thanks! haha yeah Opals really are the best and they're in season

@selfsame generally good choices but favors sweet over sour and I think that is the author's bias showing

@selfsame this is the most controversial opinion i've seen posted in a long time

@selfsame trying not to be that annoying Honeycrisp worshiper, but how can anything be below Granny Smith 😤

@selfsame this is the closest anyone has ever come to an apple ranking i agree with

@selfsame as a granny smith lover I only have one placement problem with this list

@pizza I tried these again recently and they're not as bad as I remembered!

@selfsame I also love green apple flavored candy. It's a good sour gummy flavor

@selfsame@tiny.tilde.website you mother fucker. take that back. honey crisp apples are the best

@selfsame thrilled to see another Honeycrisp hater on this web site

re: food, vegan 

@selfsame i think we can all agree that red delicious is trash

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