Feel like if you released C today it would be the hot new lang and everybody would be writing medium articles about how they rewrote their microservices in C or how great the package management is

@selfsame top-voted comment on Hacker News says "Some people are saying there's theoretically potential security issues but they seem overblown. I haven't noticed any problems yet and I've been running my blog on it for almost three weeks."

@aphyr but seriously fascinating read I wonder how much direct inspiration came from algol

@selfsame That's a really good question! My first lang was Modula-2 which, via Pascal, had strong Algol influences. Obviously Go's C lineage owes a lot to Algol too. But direct influence? No idea!

@aphyr @selfsame well now i want to learn algol...

There isn't an article like this about fortran is there? I hear fortran programmers are in critical supply and would like to be able to pay bills...

@selfsame is this subtooting go

because I feel like this is subtooting go

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