great news I have a new game out: upworm - a physics challenge platformer. Available for free at

@selfsame this trailer 100% accurately describes my experience playing Upworm 😂

@Aleums @selfsame Argh, I also came here to inquire about the nature of upworm

This reminds me a lot of Snake Pass! I loved that game I think I should give this a go too!

Whoa! This is really hard!

I played a few times but only got to the pharaoh! Hopefully I'll try again in a few days, maybe even with a joystick!

@selfsame this is the first jam since 2017 where Fennel hasn't taken first place, but at least the first place game was written by a Fennel user =)

@selfsame @technomancy can't tell you how happy it makes me that that weird project continues to live on in some form. congratulations on the game and the win!!!

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