Kicking myself because I didn't take a picture of it but yesterday on the beach I saw a bag of store bought sand


Here it is, someone left a bag of store bought sand on the beach

@selfsame they wanted to give their kids an authentic beach experience, but didn't want them playing with the commoners' sand

@selfsame Maybe we've got it backwards, and the Nestlé employees bagging the beach sand for resale dropped one on their way back to the factory.

@selfsame I was expecting a sandbag like you use to control floodwaters, I could see the town controlling erosion with something like that. Pretty sure I've actually seen that on beaches before. I was not expecting...retail sand

@selfsame They knew you were able to play with sand at the beach, but thought you needed to bring your own.
I feel bad for them when they saw the beach and just dropped their bag, dejected.

@selfsame At last, the Sand family is reunited after a long, harrowing journey!

@selfsame I like the ziptie. Gotta make sure you don't spill your sand at the beach.

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