@selfsame I really like the idea of using 3 types of meat, so each third of the sandwich has 2 overlapping meats

@The_T yeah I was thinking peanut butter, jelly, and some kind of theoretical third spread

@selfsame mayo, and then you spin the sandwich and eat a random side. 1/3 chance of death.

@selfsame wait 2/3, I can't do math, this is a terrible idea

@The_T @selfsame wouldn't it be 2/3rds chances of death?

33.3 it's pbj
33.3 it's pbmayo
33.3 it's mayojay

@The_T @selfsame worse. only 1 of 3 will be pb&j, the other thirds will be "peanut butter and mayo" and "jelly and mayo" both of which would kill anyone instantly.

@selfsame The Brits have something called a Toast Sandwich: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toast_sa

It is not nearly as interesting as your design. I may need to confuse my spouse & kids by making yours... I'm thinking Peanut Butter on one, Jam on a 2nd, and a Hazelnut Chocolate spread on the 3rd.

@nasser @selfsame i mean, imagine the next iteration where it gets sliced across its axis and you get #sandwichstars

@selfsame although it looks interesting this is suboptimal in respect to the area of the ingredients by 0.5 of one slice. I think it would be too much bread.

@selfsame .hg if there's a mistake within the same region, this food will erase it for you

Actually this method is scalable to an arbitrary number of slices of bread 🤔


@grishka @selfsame

Where can I find a table of bending radiuses* of different types of bread?

* phone corrected this to radishes which is not far off...

@selfsame i'm sure i've seen a photo of one of these before but i have no idea how i would find it again

@david @selfsame this. I have been searching, but it's all club sandwiches. And I know I had the picture on my old dead phone...

@category @selfsame

Reminds me of a South Australian I worked with in Canberra years ago.

Every day he'd try to explain to the cafeteria how to make a SA-style double-cut roll, and every day they'd get it wrong in new and amusing ways. This looks like one of their creations.

@dentangle @category @selfsame Years ago I had a boss that was immensely particular about how she liked her tea. I only once got it right. On her last day...

@selfsame sadly I can't get it to stand on two ends like that but it does work if you put it on its side

@selfsame sometimes your mild mannered façade makes me forget that you moonlight as a staggering genius philosopher-king, i always enjoy these occasional reminders

how about a four-bread-slices hyperbolic tetrahedral sandwich


@selfsame loving this revolutionary glutinous beast

@selfsame amazing that this option has been available for all this time and nobody thought of it. who knows what other sandwich technology is out there just waiting to be discovered

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