Ok all orders have been sent out and tracking numbers emailed. I picked out some amazing skulls to send ppl. Blown away by all the support from here!!

@technomancy @selfsame plot twist: they’re not art. The seller is a serial killer.

@selfsame and, sincerely, best of luck shipping these safely 🙏

@touk haha yeah the skulls are more or less a rock but those bird feel I'm going to pad the shit out of

@selfsame fuck yes I will have a pot with bird legs now just as I have always needed

@selfsame fuck yeah my friend. I love those mugs. I'm gonna look things over here.

@selfsame im sure the reasons are extremely obvious but i fucking love this

@selfsame omg!!!!!!!!! gonna save up for one of those bird leg pots i love them so much 😭🖤

@selfsame "These are small (1.75") skulls, with a good handfeel" omg

@selfsame please acquire hobby lobby please acquire hobby lobby please asquite hobby lobby

@selfsame ahem ahem tiny.tilde.website/@pho4cexa/1

but also i love this

will you continue to make skulls, or are these gone forever once sold out?

@pho4cexa well probably never as fervently as I was during the start of the pandemic

@selfsame nice. Reminds me the hex: no one escapes death from dbd. (Very first post here btw)

🎶 Mister Selfsame
Send me some skulls
To plant with flowers
In bird-legged bowls 🎶

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