apparently they had polygons back in the 14th century

@dankwraith @selfsame quads though, must have been an artist pipeline. we don't know whether they ever advanced to tris for realtime stuff.

@selfsame That's very impressive. I can't even begin to think about how to do this accurately without a computer, or at least a calculator.

@selfsame Thinking about this further, I think I'd do the sin and cos calculations using a large circle drawn on graphing paper, and I'd get the result simply by measuring the distances. The amount of work that would take is ridiculous though.

@selfsame Yes yes... think in those edges and facets. Vertices, edges, faces..... its all there!

@selfsame Early Michelangelo sketch of Tron's Master Control Program.

@selfsame The render times are enormous, but you can't deny the quality!
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