starting a series of bird feet flower pots, I can produce like 1 piece a day granted nothing breaks

@selfsame love opening the federated timeline randomly and seeing a reference to my favorite vine 😅

@lilletale @selfsame @olivia @pfx @anarchiv It has been brought to my attention that I am the 3rd or 4th person to say something like this, so I'm going to log off and stare at a canal for a bit

@lilletale @selfsame @olivia @pfx @anarchiv But these are very nice pots, are they being sold at all or simply for your own garden?

@selfsame these are so neat. I was just imagining what plants would look cool in those. Maybe an aloe

@InternetEh thanks! yeah can't wait to go pick out some plants for them

@selfsame this is so cool. From start to finish it's been such a great project to watch

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