this thing happens to programmers eventually where their brain melts and they start writing their own text editor

@selfsame I looked into the eldritch horrors of my dependencies and went even madder than that!

I'm building my own browser engine.

@alcinnz @selfsame why not combine them and use web tech to edit text, and render html in text editor at the same time? hm, this is so fundamental you can name it as some kind of particle even

@dym @selfsame I might make (collaborative?) text editting a built-in feature sometime! But I'd never want to do so alone, I'm not that mad...

Before then I'd have to tackle the question of: How do you type on a TV remote?

@selfsame I started to do this but then I realized first I'd need a new programming language to write my own text editor in...

@selfsame I know but my garage isn't big enough to hold a fabrication plant for the custom silicon I'll need to manufacture once I finish designing my own instruction set to run the operating system that my custom virtual machine will run on so I think I better slow down

@technomancy @selfsame I almost started writing one at some point, good that xray and xi existed at the time lol

@technomancy @selfsame I need a new lang. But first I need a new, integrated editor/REPL to write that lang in.

(And I was in fact specifying a new lang yesterday.)

@selfsame im glad I managed to make the switch to emacs which is the lite variant of this

@selfsame There is nothing you can do to halt the progression of the condition, all you can do is try to manage it and try to avoid spreading it. Once the editor has acquired the ability to send e-mail, the symptoms will recede.
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