you don't hate javascript, you hate capitalism

@faho @selfsame As multi-faceted individuals, it would behoove us to signal the ability to hate a multitude of things, behavior, and people.

@selfsame When were were kids someone gave us the Jack Chick tract on Islam. We laughed SOOOO much!

@selfsame this is true, especially since i actually really like javascript

@selfsame the revolution somehow happens, but the proletariat are web developers and we continue to hate them

Nah, that's not true. Capitalism is quite OK. Wouldn't want anyone else but myself to own the fruits of my own labor.

well I think Takal would have had something to say about that

@stevenroose @selfsame you shouldn't pay any taxes then. That's your labor paying someone else's healthcare, transports and retirement benefits!

@falt_ @selfsame @stevenroose

What?! I SHOULD pay taxes, that's how I pay for my healthcare, transports and retirement benefits! I want those things!

@shigbam @selfsame @falt_ This indeed! We have reasons to contribute to government. We want infrastructure. We want security. We want so be helping the lesser off.
But there'sany things governments do that we don't want. Unfortunately we can't chose ourselves show much we want to contribute. Or which projects we want to pay for and which we don't.

@falt_ @selfsame Well.. I think we should help out those lesser off. I don't think we should be coerced into doing so, though.
Modern democracies call themselves "solidary" while the vast majority of people would pay way less to the state if they weren't coerced into doing so.

@stevenroose Like I said, i think Takal really lays out the fallacies in this tech utopian vision of capitalism and the role of charity

@stevenroose @selfsame

You might, but under a capitalist system, the vast majority of people DON'T enjoy the fruits of their own labor. Even if they get a paycheck, that represents just a portion of their labor.

I've never visited Java.

@selfsame All I'm saying is maybe they should have spent more than 10 days coming up with it

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