not being able to plug a second mouse into the computer and get a second cursor was an act of cowardice

@selfsame I think Ubuntu actually did this a while ago and hooking up a mouse + a tablet was true hacker hours
that or it was a glitch but it was pretty baller lmao

@wgahnagl @selfsame nah there definitely are window managers/desktop environments that can do this

@selfsame you actually can but in Xorg it's a mess, could be something that works fine in Wayland though.

@lanodan @selfsame I'd bet so.

It's protocol definitely supports expressing multiple "seats".

@marie_joseph @alcinnz @selfsame Depends on your needs but if I wouldn't be so stuck to my X11 configuration I would have switched to wayland as a daily driver at least a year ago.
(And I didn't really like wayland before but I discovered it in 2014 and things were quite in like early alpha back then, now X11 is getting more and more legacy)
@marie_joseph @alcinnz @selfsame Also I think you should be able to switch back-and-forth quite easily (to me it's just launching different programs at bootup) so you should probably just give it a test shot.

I use sway (a wayland rewrite of i3wm) on a daily basis, and it works fine for the most part. Though it has its quirks and some applications need a workaround or two.
@alcinnz @lanodan @selfsame

@selfsame I'm pretty sure you can actually do this with some arcane xinput commands

@selfsame actually… supports that (MPX extension)

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