do you eat the kiwi skin?

@selfsame @Gargron Translation for New Zealanders: he is talking about the fruit.

@selfsame The kiwi is an endangerd species and is protected by law. If you kill one, let alone eat it, you will go to jail. I don't eat kiwifruit skin.

@selfsame @Nonetrix wait what for real? is this a bit? i have trouble if i accidentally touch the kiwi skin

@Nonetrix @selfsame omg i was not being pranked

you _can_ eat the skin of kiwifruit

no worse than eating a peach

they are like giant fuzzy seedless grapes but with more flavor

@pho4cexa @Nonetrix yeah it's even a little more tart than the actual fruit, I like throwing the whole kiwi in my smoothies

@selfsame oh hell yeah I love the skin! I don't know why everyone doesn't eat the whole kiwi! its like eating a little animal but its ethical!

@selfsame it looks too much like a tarantula abdomen

not that i'm squeamish about eating arthropods, but

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