@selfsame it’s an art style where the head is drawn at the same height as the body, made popular by some anime.

@selfsame ugh I mean best not get into it now, the property's gotten so out of hand and there's a lot of catching up to do. Mostly just catering to the die hard fans at this point.

@lyliawisteria @selfsame in a lab at area 51. all pregnant people are crisis actors

@garbados @selfsame

[scribbles in a very battered notebook]
babby is a false flag attack...

@garbados @lyliawisteria @selfsame the high school thing where you have to carry a bag of flour for a week is designed to normalize the panopticon

@ItsJenNotGabby @garbados @lyliawisteria @selfsame same, because I didn't take the right course (I think it was part of the home ec/life skills class), but nowadays I think they've moved it to the health (aka "scare the kids out of fuckin") curriculum which is not an elective

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