@selfsame a new and exciting way to have a questionable dog to bread ratio

@June @selfsame to be a state fair food it would also have to be deep fried

@selfsame i showed this to my friend and he immediately replied "Dognut" instantly killing me and sending me to the next plane


@selfsame ok imagine like spam but it's a Klein bottle


Hotdog... Donut...

I feel like "Hot nut" would draw in the wrong crowd.

'Donog" sounds pretty rad, though!

I'm reeling from the twin implications of "this is just an open faced doughnut with a meat filling" and "but its also still a hot dog which means it's a sandwich" My brain is violently wrenching itself apart like a dying star.

@selfsame you just doubled the complexity of making the bread part because it now has two distinctly shaped components instead of one uniform bun. My company will not be doing this.
@selfsame horrible, an absolute travesty! Who puts ketchup on a hot dog!... lel

Honestly a donut dog does sound pretty good I'd eat it.

nsfw joke, re: cursed food 

@selfsame ah yes I'll have the *looks at smudged writing on hand* dog balls

@selfsame you've done the doughnut and the munchkin™, could there be a pon de ring™ hotdog in the future?

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