aliens: holy fucking shit
humans: I know, first contact right?
aliens: no you dipshits we're talking about whales
humans: ooh yeah, whales are pretty cool
aliens: literally the most amazing thing in the entire galaxy
humans: did you know you can boil them down into lamp oil?

@selfsame this is the plot of star trek iv: the voyage home

@selfsame This is a plot point in David Brin's uplift series.

@selfsame It is very variable. Skip Sundiver, it was the first one and he was still getting his feet under him. Start with Startide Rising, it is probably the best one and really doesn't need the one before it.

I didn't find the final ones quite as good, but Startide Rising, The Uplift War, and Brightness Reef are probably some of the best SF I've read

first meme to come to mind 

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