I can never find it, but back during all those clown sightings there was an article where a sheriff was telling people not to worry because "he believed it wasn't real clowns, just people in clown outfits" and I think about that all the time

@nilaky @selfsame from that article I learned that clowns are "resilient" and "explore hate, fear"

@selfsame I guess it kind of makes sense, there's actually a whole official clown register. You have to be all official about it.

@selfsame I think you need to be licensed or certified or something to be a clown. can't have just anyone engaging in that level of japery

@BestGirlGrace right, just can't stop thinking about the alternate terrifying interpretation

@selfsame when you go to cop school, they teach you about the secret underground clown race

@selfsame Real clowns ARE people in clown outfits, though, aren't they?

@selfsame I remember that too! I think they thought Killer Klowns from Outer Space was a documentary.


I remember getting into it with a couple of local police department's PR people, and getting some of the more sensational and nasty press releases around my home town rescinded or edited.

Shortly after that we started flooding the #clownspotting hashtag with photos of performers from our troupe, and in solidarity clowns from all over the world started sharing under the same hashtag.

Have a look, you might still find some.

It was murder for our marketing plans, but a huge moral win.


A bit of America being what it is when it is being it's worst self. About a year before the IT movie remake release, news stories across the us started appear about creepy people dresser as clowns being sighted skulking around various places.

Turns out most of these were hoaxes, and many people suspect it was inspired by a PR stunt for the upcoming film.


@RussSharek @selfsame

That's not a clown! Maybe that sheriff was right after all!


That was my take on the sightings. Clowns are, generally, joyful innocents. To twist that image is a perversion. To use such a perversion to traumatize and create fear willfully is a form of terrorism by definition.

Plus, it's just uncreative. There are way scarier things in this world.


@RussSharek @selfsame

Perversion of something beautiful into something terrifying is the main mechanism how the horror genre works.

I guess that's the main reason all the bad actors sing children lullabies...

Of course, your comment accurately described the whole IT story, all of its boring 500+ pages...


@ckeen @selfsame

I actually enjoyed the book. The media sensation surrounding the movies, which chose to make a minor scare visual in the book a centerpiece? Not so much.

@ckeen @selfsame

I mean seriously, the giant spider was way scarier to me.


We jumped on the hashtag being used locally a few months before all of this, and watched things turn from positive to nasty.

Rather than give up, we kept posting under the hashtag and lots of professional clowns joined us.


@selfsame they merely have the accidents of clowns, but they do not possess the essence, the *quiddity*, of clownhood

@nasser haha yeah i think it's canon that Steve is a 'real clown'

@selfsame and it's looking like ceasare is a "real" zombie 🤯

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