selfsame :tilde:

The recursive centaur: half horse, half recursive centaur

@selfsame actually no, at the limit that has to be 100% horse

if you're having trouble visualizing the recursive centaur i've made this helpful reference

@selfsame I like this whole follow my soundcloud meme when posts get popular. now I am listening to your music with an image of recursive centaur in my brain and its cute.

@selfsame still listening 27 minutes later so it must be good.

@selfsame would a recursive centaur really look like this or would it be instead 🤭 tail-recursive

@selfsame would a recursive centaur wear pants
like this
or like this

@lucidiot @selfsame most universes have been destroyed by this self-referential mathematical quandary, which is why in all the ones still extant, (including our own,) "pants" and "jeans" are plurale tantum - always plural regardless of quantity of torso-holes or leg-holes

As it charges you, it goes slower and slower, and never actually reaches you....

@selfsame I hate to be like this but there's porn of this w/human legs

@robotcarsley @selfsame Also good, yet it lacks a connotation of the human/horse hybrid that is a key feature of the centaur. I feel that is an important detail to include.

@daedalus @selfsame yes, but there is no human component, it's horse butts all the way down

@robotcarsley @selfsame Ah, so it's a subspecies of Buttilus or Nautibutt

@selfsame Are you hacking Blender in Clojure or something? :)

@feoh oh no that's just an array modifier in blender

@selfsame Let's get down to brass tacks. How would it wear pants?

@ieure believe the thread consensus was even with infinite leg holes it's still a single pair of pants

@selfsame can I print this? Do you have an STL?

@June it's not manifold but yeah i can send it tomorrow when i'm back in linux

@selfsame as soon as you can please I need this urgently

@selfsame oh my fuck, one thing is finding out your true spirit animal, another thing is finding out it's true creator

@selfsame Did you actually manage to create this via recursive function programmatically or just sculpted it by hand?


Shouldn't there be a regular horse beside it because limits?

@selfsame ok so since this is half a centaur plus a quarter of a centaur plus an eighth of a centaur etc. that means it adds up to .9 repeating, which equals 1.

Therefore the recursive centaur is, precisely, one centaur.

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