if you're dual posting to twitter and masto that is great just be careful you don't end up like Persephone with the pomegranate seeds and the having to return to hades 3 months out of the year

@selfsame never eat any food that twitter offers you, tbh.

@selfsame But by all accounts she liked it there and Hades was a good husband, unlike every other God.

@Estrusflask @selfsame
This. There's an amazing graphic novel titled Persephone by Allison Shaw :blobheart:

@Gotterdammerung @selfsame In Dresden Files (and perhaps elsewhere), the "kidnapping" was Demeter being an angry mother, and Hecate lead her on a search for three months as a wedding gift to the happy couple.


Yeah, I'd love to see a cross poster which actually just posted the first 110 characters or whatever of the post to Twitter with a link to the full post on Mastodon to read the rest. The idea is that people would read the start of something where they are (generally Twitter) but after a while would realize that it was a pain to keep clicking across to Mastodon and it would be easier to just have a Masto account to read the good stuff...

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